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Artist: Lloyd Banks
Album:  The Cold Corner 2
Song:   Shock the World
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Stop that shit and play that bitch from the top man

[Lloyd Banks]
Fiend did it, how I do it? Niggaz got the nerve
Major digits through this music, new shit I deserve
Pitch myself off of the ledge, I think I got the urge
Finer things when I'm climbin, diamonds and furs
I keep it rugged, they love it, I'm always out in public
Boy you used to, you suspect, and ballin on a budget
You a leecher, who does that, don't go around the subject
Hit the bleachers, you been whack, and you ain't get no luckier
Now you dissin or I'm trippin, cause motherfucker listen
Offend me with what your spittin I'll be goin through the system
Get the fuck from 'round me I don't know you it's tradition
I'm low like there's a bounty on me, police started trippin

I'm makin 'em sick, you all know the remedy
Money over all, wish wrong on my enemy
I'm gettin dough, so the girls go to bed with me
Shorty got the plug now she gon' lift my energy (gon' lift my energy)
Thats right, gon' lift my energy (gon' lift my energy)
I'ma shock the world but they all gon' remember me
She gon' lift my energy
Gon' lift my energy

[Lloyd Banks]
Uh~! Roads still bubblin, ball in every club I'm in
Electric when I'm walkin through, come here let me plug you in
Multi-task hustlin, I'm goin for the double win
You're fallin off and fumblin, headed right for trouble man
I'm pimpin, I'm poppin, my lawyer good as Cochran
If you listen, and watch him, you realize I drop him
Weed coppin, I'm shoppin, so all the bitches jockin
Man I'm minkin, and crockin, he nervous when I'm droppin
I've been on the dole for too long, it's easier to do wrong
Cautious when I get my groove on, thats how they move on
A nigga catch you slippin, you'll be booked
Showin off on the internet with what he took, another jux