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Artist: Lloyd Banks
Album:  The Cold Corner 2
Song:   Score
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Lloyd Banks]
Good thing my flow came with a tag, they runnin off with my swag
I'm runnin up on my jeweler, a hundred K in my bag
B-A, N-K, escort me to the paper
Kick man, sensei, best emcee to date sir
Babies screamin love, must take me for dummy
Bottles poppin while the moon up, leave out when it's sunny
Shortie e'ryday a fun day, time flies when you're stuntin
Boy you workin with them people? Then why you out here cuffin?
Yeah I'm short on my awards, pocket full of money though
Pussy by the party, chronic by the motherload
Money over bitches, that there's a whole 'nother code
Dreams of lavish wishes, 14 karat tub of gold
BMW whip around, I'm back on my shit now
Gym bag of that cash, y'all mad, big smile
Hoppin out with a grip, with the light low, piff cloud
Clockin out for my trip, with the right flow, I'ma get crowned

And our shit 'bout to get realer, cause I just left the dealer
And all I see is Benjamins when I look in the mirror
And you're shorter than my feelings, I'm standin on the buildin
It's showtime when them cameras on, and I just got that feelin
I'm a score, how could you ignore me?
I've been workin all day, what's up with this orgy?
Time to get it goin, gettin drunk and smokin
Parkin up and clubbin, goin home with somethin

[Lloyd Banks]
Uhh~! I'm the hardest on the street, I go marble on the beat
Ridin around with no ceiling, car note on my feet
These hoes are nuttin but sheep, I'm the shepherd, and my neck lit
Respect it, protect it, he buggin out, infested
This Rose' got me stumblin out the Louie out in London
I'm coppin by the double and I'm smokin 'bout a hundred
Used to dream to be a millionaire, who thought I'd become one
Speakers knockin, trunk dumbin, Bentley driver hear me comin
Like a free throw when I rap, G code for my tat
Flood the V.I.P. up, three hoes on my lap
All of y'all I'm better than, veteran on that medicine
Whips so fast your head 'll spin, come get some of this heroin
Blue made for that camera, I'm flashy as shit
Whipping foreign, well I'm enjoyin, my passionate flip
If they all bad, I ain't pickin, I'm clappin the clique
I got a high pick in the draft, with a contract to my
dick them bitches down, then Lil' Tina mix around
I'm liftin off in London, bet the kid don't trick a pound
She already rolled the weed, I'm hittin as soon as I hit the ground
I'm 'bout to make a movie, take your pictures now