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Artist: Lloyd Banks
Album:  The Cold Corner 2
Song:   The Pulse
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Lloyd Banks]
Still don't nuttin move but the moolah
A-bomber with my Tommy, shit my view is with the jeweler
Gem star, cut off your tools, who wan' scuba?
Dive in these waters, piranha'll chew through ya
Might shave straight to the lamb, skip the schooler
+Boogie Night+ days, put on my hand, a different buddha
Just a light phase, lunar in this world, you can all freeze
Beat it wit'cha small ki's, I leave 'em when I cross seas
Foul and say whatever I want, I got the right to
I hear the talk well bet they money come and go in cycles
Smack a hater with my off hand, cool as an orphan
Kill me you gotta kill them niggaz holdin up my coffin
And I'm FLOSS-ING, hey no trappin me while there's abortions
Get up OFF HIM, and realize that we're just talkin
in my chalk Benz, steering park lens, with the smart rims
Hit the pedal with my dark Timbs, make the car spin
Queens of the head shit, so e'ry day a holiday
Haulin like a Brinks truck, change like I got away
Fuck 'em all, all night, but they don't get the time of day
Big old diamonds out to play, killer mind behind the K
Talented at dream, I'ma will it to come
Don't care where they from, none them niggaz iller than son
I'm peelin for fun, that puts sour feelings in some
They dealin with crumbs, my cult follow into the slums
I ain't a breath of fresh air, I'm a hammer to the solar plex
Holdin up the city, damn I need a shoulder stretch
Brick full of gold already workin on a boulder next
They awesome with the talkin, but lackenin when it happenin
I'm swaggin, big body draggin through Manhattan
Yeah I'm independent but I'm livin like I'm platinum
What happened? You people fabricatin through your rappin
and I'm money bag draggin, player hater grab aspirin
You're slackin - here's a heat streak
You never seen heat and that's fuel to the fire, fool you the kerosene
Needle in my body, I'm forever Queens
Ghetto nigga, truth, field boots and my leather cream
Head in green, in meadow lean, my cheddar scream
loud as a rape victim, I'm pickin off your petty team
My style a loaded magazine, infraredded beam
Lean just a little to the left though to check my fresh