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Artist: Lloyd Banks
Album:  The Cold Corner 2
Song:   Love Shots
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Lloyd Banks]
If you're feelin yourself, you're feelin me
The feelin is strong, it's clear to see
Ain't no feelin like on top to me
Passed down possibly, sit down drop the V
I'm tryin to drop another one, shit I gotta see
Stuntin 'til the summer come, swagger by the tree
Jugglin these questions, cause it's puzzlin to me
Hey baby got a husband and she's ridin round with me - fuck it!
I'm just playin my part; I ain't tryin to cuff it
You can't trust it, she ballin on her nigga budget
Touchdowns keep her there, money the subject
And I'm on another team, gotta love it
She probably try it on me, I wanna rug it
Southside stubborn, cold hearted in public
Livin without a care, don't care how you judge it
Tired of hearin what you goin through - I does it

Love shots, she's firin the gun
Probably had a hundred niggaz lookin dumb
But I ain't the one; nah I ain't like them
Matter of fact, I went back on the road when I'm done
Throwin G's up, hoes down
Get paper, smoke pounds
Fuck bitches, fo' rounds
G's up, hoes all the way down

[Lloyd Banks]
Maybe I will, maybe I won't
Maybe I'm better off if I don't
None of that money is yours, baby you're broke
And when that boy sick and your soap back on the rope
Brand new tags cause she's wonderful with her throat
Cash for the quote, she's comin up with the stroke
Shorty takin shots, I duck dive and dodge
Always on the move girl, I work five jobs
I'm a - go getter, fly nigga, flow spitter
Game owner, player, and the coach, hitter
Gold winner and my CD dope
Lock me up the NYPD won't probably wanna see me slip
Have a nigga baby, grimy on that greedy shit
Borderline crazy, crazy to not see the shit
Cold hearted, step into the freeze a bit
Hugh fuckin Hef', new stress and the weed is lit