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Artist: Lloyd Banks
Album:  The Cold Corner 2
Song:   Cashin In
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[Chorus: Lloyd Banks]
Nigga ain't nuttin but the toast for free
I'm back in the mix where I'm s'posed to be
Now I'ma make you notice me
It's time to bring the cash in (cash in)
They mumble life wasn't chose for me
I got so much more money to see
And I don't need you over me
We pull 'em then we pass 'em (we pass 'em)
We pull 'em then we pass 'em (we pass 'em)
We pull 'em then we pass 'em (we pass 'em)
We pull 'em then we pass 'em (said we pass 'em)
We pull 'em then we pass 'em

[Lloyd Banks]
Uhh, it's complicated I'm hated, badly underrated
Drunk, faded, frustrated, grab another payment
Take my life, play it X-rated, e'ry fuckin day
with somethin thick thighs my favorite, heart hard as the pavement
Do not spar with amazement, pop bottles and spray it
I'm top line entertainment, dot-com for the flamers
I count this money, they drain 'em, hot blonde in my aim
Can't no women alive contain him, it's not part of my game
I remain~! You think he ill, I'm the same
Crack cocaine, that won't change, hall of fame when I say fuck it
They in your pocket you puppet; fuckin up is not in the budget
Flow is discovered, me on the other hand rugged
Gold by the nugget, shinin but they still see a nigga
I give a fuck though, smokin my weed and drinkin liquor
Knowin my luck go, tell my genie she need to see me
They owe me somethin, fuck 'em all in graffiti!


[Lloyd Banks]
Uhh, uhh
A foot race to the title, nigga I'll smoke your idol
Try me is suicidal, dirty's how I do my rival
And you can get it too courtesy just for movin spiteful
Clashin is critical emergency, let the burner bite you
Ya boy impeccable, certainly out the winner's circle
Show me respect or it's curtains, learnin my dinner's purple
Bentleys, Benzes, formin a line with no rehearsal
Drugs, syringes, never clean up to go commercial
Bury all your beef today or regret it tomorrow
Threw like a hundred G's away bullet-proofin the car
And I'ma make it either way bitch I shoot for the stars
Feel like I'm trapped in the yard, missin stupid with bars
Alien back and in charge, givin the studio scars
Jam-packed in garage, I'm the coolest by far
Hard to pinpoint what I'm doin, to human I'm strange
Fuck 'em all, I dust through 'em just cruisin in lanes


[Outro: Lloyd Banks]
Uhh (uhh)
We pass 'em (we pass 'em)
Pull 'em then we pass 'em
Pull 'em then we pass 'em
We pull 'em then we pass 'em
Pull 'em then we pass 'em