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Artist: Lil Wayne
Album:  Sorry 4 the Wait 2
Song:   Trap House
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Lil Wayne]
Ooh yeah, Lil Tunechi got it jumpin' like Jordan
These pussy ass niggas can't guard me, these rookie ass niggas still crawlin'
These lookin' ass niggas eye ballin', these hookin' ass bitches eye ballin'
But I got a bad bitch at home cookin' dinner, hi honey, I'm home, I'm starvin'
These crooked ass cops still winnin', black man family still mournin'
Black president ain't doin' nothin', we need a real nigga up in that office
Got the White House jumpin' like Jordan, got the crack house jumpin' like Jordan
I want my new house bigger than Jordan's, with a backyard bigger than a forest like ooh!
Bedroom jumpin' like Jordan, hoes at the door and they arguin'
This dick a superstar, they want stardom, my life like Bailey and Barnum's
These bitches ain't got no manners, these niggas ain't got no standards
My bitch ain't got no love handles, boy I'm clippin' that toe on that camel
I got bitches, that'll, kill, for me - Charles Manson
Suck this, +Thuggish, Ruggish, Bone+, swallow that +Bone+ marrow
Ooh, chopper, sittin', on my, lap like the mall Santa
Nigga shoot you all in your gall bladder, your pallbearers need pallbearers
I'm mixin' weed like gumbo, I knock your head off - fumble
Homeboys be cutthroat, that shit got me with a lump throat
But Tunechi bigger than Elvis Presley, Young Money was my best investment
Goin' harder than my predecessor, I don't break records, I sets the records
Lil Tunechi comin' back like Kobe, niggas stab me in the back, I owe 'em
Got a house in the hills now a nigga gotta deal with mountain lions and coyotes
See me, I keep that semi; and friendly, I can't be friendly
Freckles, them bullet holes look like freckles; you look like Wendy's
House in the hills jumpin' like Jordan, I can't swim but I'm throwin' pool parties
Got a bitch over there and a bitch over there, a young nigga startin' to feel cornered
My LA house jumpin' like Jordan, my Miami house jumpin' like Jordan
Can't forget about my house in New Orleans, so sorry for the wait, I'm sorry
I want my new bitch titties enormous, with a backyard and a pretty garden
With a pussy more pink than an orchid, young nigga gonna treat her like a florist
I got my side bitch feelin' important, I got my main bitch feelin' immortal
I got my ex bitch feelin' insulted cause wifey get money like Kimora
I got a fine bitch feelin' exhausted cause I'ma put this dick on her 'til tomorrow
I'ma pull up on a bitch in a Gallardo then I'ma take the top off like a barber
I go down and kiss her Pearl Harbor, she's so down with this New World Order
Fuck the shit out her in a sauna, sweat her hair out, she look like Al Sharpton
Got a goon named Fernando at the front door of your condo
Knock knock, who's there? He don't care, he's psycho
Bad bitch with a nice throat, she ice cold and she like hoes
Ooh, she just my type, these other hoes just typos
Young nigga comin' back like Jordan, so sorry for the wait, I'm sorry
Yeah a nigga had to go back to the stash but a nigga stash like James Harden
Young nigga drank lean like water, young nigga smoke weed like Marley
Young nigga on the moon like Warren, young nigga on this shit like Charmin
Ooh, my bitch got a rack, Dolly Parton, fuck her all night long to some Marvin
Fall asleep in the pussy good lawdy, woke up in a new Bugatti, good mornin'
Young nigga got guns, good luck, Nina Ross say "Me so horny"
Lil Tunechi at the top, it's so lonely, got fat pockets, never bony
I'm with a model bitch, she so boney, I done shook shit up, it's so foamy
I just cooked this up, it's still hot, you could still smell the kitchen on me
Nigga I have your homies singin', damn I miss my homie
I got a mountain of weed, I got a mountain of cash, I got mountains like Wyoming
I got a bad bitch and she foreign, she always mad with me, I'm sorry
She say "Damn, why you can't call me?" Cause they be taxin' for that roamin'
She a tan bitch, she orange, I can't stand a snitchin' informant
Niggas cook crack on a Foreman while y'all boys was still sparrin'
Uhh, this that "Sorry 4 the Wait 2"
Tell the dead homies you pray to you're on your way too
That the truth is hard to swallow, you got fake juice
Even Slick Rick The Ruler know I break rules
Ooh, got the gas out shootin' like Jordan
I put your homeboy face on a t-shirt and put your own face on a milk carton
Busy, I've been so busy, ain't even got time for quickies
That's why my bitch been so bitchy, I'm out'chea tryin' to get me
I'm comin' back out jumpin' like Jordan, I'm so sorry for the wait, I'm tardy
I wrote a letter to my competition, it started off with "Dearly Departed"
Hippie, I be so trippy, give her pussy a hickey
I hope she ain't strictly dickly so we can menage/Minaj to Nicki, oohh