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Artist: Lil Wayne
Album:  Sorry 4 the Wait 2
Song:   Selsun Blue
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Chorus: Lil Wayne]
Get rid of the residue
Get rid of all the white like Selsun Blue
It's that "Sorry 4 The Wait 2"
I'm so sorry, I feel terrible
Yeah I know I keep on tellin' you...

[Lil Wayne]
Le'go! it's all about the Young fuckin' Money
It's a war in these streets, I need a Humvee
That AK-47, that's my trusty
Got some tricks up my sleeves, I need some cufflinks
Oh Lord, these niggas soft, these niggas fluffy
Another one bites the dust 'til his gums bleed
Oh Lord, Public Enemy, Chuck D
Me with no money's like a bunny with no front teeth
Fuck me? It's fuck you if it's fuck me
I hit the kush, blow it out like a bum knee
Where the haters? Point 'em out and ask 'em "What's beef?"
Stackin' 100 dollar bills in a scrunchy
Oh Lord, kamikaze kidnappin' killers
... Screamin' fuck the other side
She ride the dick, the dick gon' kill her
... Vehicular homicide
Oh Lord, I'm sorry for the wait nigga
... I'm sorry for them other guys
Lay a nigga down, Nina sing his ass a lullaby
Wave your white flag all you want bitch, I'm colorblind
Bad bitch with me got thunder thighs and her mother's eyes
Li-li-li-lick my +Lollipop+ like it got gum inside
Miami in the winter, Cali in the summertime
My bitch is independent, she don't ask me for a dime
Love it when we makin' love, hate it when it's fuckin' time
Disrespect the caterpillar, rave about the butterfly
Bullet ain't got no name nigga but you could get it customized
Run up in your house undisguised, why you look surprised?
Motherfuckers better fuckin' hide, I feel like Mr. Hyde
Athletes still gettin' jacked like they missin' tires
Oh Lord, one of the wildest bees in my hive
I'll sting a bitch and die anytime
Hate it when the fuckin' police shut the session down
We just talkin', we just skatin', we just messin' round
Tell them niggas that be hatin' we ain't messin' round
They just barkin', they just fakin', they gon' settle down
We got bitches, we got beer, we got Bobby Brown
Skatin' underneath the bridge, dead body found
Do a trick over the body, hope he smilin' down
Do a trick off of some stairs, land on solid ground
Grizzly Gang in this bitch, check the grip tape
Nigga came on your bitch, ooh milkshake
Chop a cocaine brick like a sensei
Break the great white down to a fish plate
Woo! Pockets on inflate
Got the yay/'Ye locked down like Kim K.
I been sippin' codeine since 10K
I be cussin' while I'm bussin', die motherfuckers
Oh Lord