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Artist: Lil Wayne
Album:  Sorry 4 the Wait 2
Song:   Hot Nigga
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Lil Wayne]
I'm sorry for the wait nigga
I'm tighter than these pussy hoes, I'm chafe nigga
Pockets full of crumbs, I'm a breadwinner
{"Jahlil Beatz, holla at me!"} Get 'em!

Uh, I'm sorry for the wait nigga (sorry)
I'm aimin' at your Beats by Dr. Dre nigga (bow!)
I put up some ornaments today, nigga (Why?)
Cause round here, everyday a holiday nigga~!
This that "Sorry 4 The Wait 2" (Sorry 4 The Wait 2)
That AK shoot like K do (bow!)
Had to tell myself "Tune just stay tuned" (ay)
Swear I got the hardest flow, my shit break brooms (ooh)
Uh, I been hot since 1998 nigga (ay)
That's 98 degrees, Nick Lachey nigga (ay)
Hope you know the Feds got Instagram
They likin' every photo that you take nigga~!
I was totin' a gun before a switchblade (yeah)
Cut your head off and put it on display (bitch)
Boy we find out where you live and then we invade (bitch)
Boy we do not kill no kids but your bitch dead (bitch~!)
Ooh, shawty like the way that you floss out (ay)
'Til I shoot you in the head, now she grossed out (eww)
I'm the boss, you just heard it from the horse mouth
I told a nigga count on me and niggas lost count!
This world is only preparation for the next (alright)
Money bags under my eyes, money over rest
Tryna get 100 M's out the alphabets (ooh)
Open up my mouth to smile, ooh, treasure chest (ooh)
Ooh, DJ Stevie J keep the Glock on him (Stevie J)
I just bought a new .44 and I'm a proud owner (bow bow bow!)
Belfast and Monroe that was our corner
Fuckin' fast in your hoe, ooh, cowabunga
Sip some lean, pop a Xan bar (Xan bar)
My bougie bitch pussy taste like caviar (caviar)
Once I fuck a bitch, her pussy is a landmark (ay)
I don't know how you like your steak but I'm in rare form (get 'em)
Fuck them bitch ass niggas, fuck whoever care for 'em (get 'em)
Momma jumped out a plane, I was airborne (see ya)
Gold watches, gold chains , watch for Leprechauns (what)
Favorite subject was PE -- Pablo Escobar
Kill him when he least expect it at a restaurant (bow~!)
Throw him with the rest of 'em in a reservoir (burn 'em)
I'm the renaissance man, peep my repertoire
Excuse my French but it's menage a trois, au revoir (ayy!)
Ooh, my Nina Ross got a bad mouth (yeah)
Yeah, I'm consumin' grass like a cash cow (yeah)
Give a fuck 'bout a police with his badge out (fuck 'em!)
If you ain't got a warrant, get up out my DAMN HOUSE!
This that "Sorry 4 The Wait 2" (2)
This a all white affair, I brought the yay through (coca)
She said "Tunechi skate through and I'ma skate you"
I'm aimin' at your grapefruit (blaow!) grape juice (ahh!)
Ooh, tell them bitches free dick and blow (no)
Give me HEEEAD, can't kiss no more
I got free jewelry, car keys, and more
And I just started robbin' like a week ago~!
100 diamonds on my bitch, I don't bling no more (no)
$200,000 for a show, you gotta speak to Po (Po)
Yeah, got me on my Young Money shit (young Money shit)
No Cash Money, just Young Money shit (wooo!)

Woo! Got me on my Young Money shit
My nigga Chaz Ortiz in this bitch with me
Mula! {*echoes*}