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Artist: Lil Wayne
Album:  Sorry 4 The Wait 2
Song:   Dreams and Nightmares
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Lil Wayne]
Turn the music down in my headphones, yeah
That noise in the background, that's my skateboard
That nigga Mack crazy, yeah, mm

I put my shooters on they feet
I just give 'em yo address then I go to sleep
The money turned my niggas into monsters
The white done turned my niggas into Nazis, Lord
The money turned my face into a stockin'
Don't make me turn yo baby to a hostage, boy
Don't make me turn the kid to a foster
My woman turned my dick into a Mazda, Lord
Body parts in a duffel
The bullets turn your body to a puzzle
The money turned my bitch into a monster
She know how to get a check and turn a zero to a comma, Lord
The money turn my niggas into killas
The sugar turned the cocaine to Vanilla
The money turned the bitches into hoes
The money turned my niggas into foes, Lord
I put my shooters on they feet
Give 'em yo address then I go out to eat
Had that snowman +N Da Hood+ like Jody Breeze
She from the hood but look like she from overseas
I say, "Girl you know I love you and I care for ya
I got some new shoes and a bag of hair for ya"
She say, "Fuck these other niggas, they ain't half of ya
Just keep laughin' to the bank, it's hilarious"
I got a stay at home gun and a travel gun
Boy, we can sell white, in Africa
It's like, I can't explain, y'all asked me to spit
Now I'm droolin' on my chain, what happened to Wayne?
I'm like "Hold up wait a second, y'all thought I was second?"
Hating on a champ throwin' salt and not confetti
We pull up and we shoot then we park the car and edit
Watch me pull up with no roof that's cause I walk the dog and pet it
I'm like "Hold up wait a minute, y'all thought I was finished?"
Shoot you in your head then just walk off like I didn't
Let my money talk so much put my jawbone outta business
Doin' numbers in this bitch, I'm like a smart phone with the digits, bitch!
Ridin' round with the volume down with the windows up and the choppers down
Soon as we get to yo block, it's the motherfuckin' other way around
My bitch say I'm too wild, she don't even know why she stay around
I get home and I dick her down now she talkin' 'bout exchange the vows
If these bullets was paintballs, I could fuck around and I could paint a house
You could tell I pimpin' the way I hit the blunt with my pinky out
I bring +Wine+ to +Amy House+ we smoke it out and we drank it out
And talk about these pussy niggas that ain't about what Wayne about
I'm hangin' out a Mulsanne without a brain, it's outta his mind
I pull over, I push a button, it change like Optimus Prime
Speakin' of change, it's a shame how these lames droppin' them dimes
We aim at your grape, knock it off, now you just Vines
Blood Gang red rain on these niggas hot if you dry
My gang top of the line hollerin' out "Squad, take it outside!"
I'm a tax payer, I'm a Axe player, gettin' in through the back way-er
Red devil to the blue collared, unenveloped black mail
Fed up with the Fed shit and Fed-Ex lost my package
My white girls say "Yeah nigga", my white homies act blackish
Ain't tall enough for the NBA, I ain't big enough for the NFL
Should've been in NWA, fuck the police, 5-0 and 12
One time for yo' mind bitch, never say never mind bitch
You a penny short of a dime bitch, no nonsense, had a nine since I was nine bitch
Yeah, born to murder
Bank account on fat bustin' out the girdle
Tell 'em boys ain't nothin' sweet, it's sauerkraut, ya heard me?
They find ya body in New Orleans for Mardi Gras on Bourbon
Like oh Lord, Humphrey Bogart
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a crowbar
For the most part, I'm the southern coast guard
AK-47 spittin' flame like a blow torch
"Sorry 4 The Wait".. woo!