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Artist: Lil Wayne 
Album:  Sorry 4 the Wait
Song:   Rollin' Freestyle
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[Lil Wayne]
G5 sittin on the runway
Big ass chopper, call that bitch Beyoncé
This for my dogs locked down all day
Money, power, respect - three the hard way
I put some real niggaz on they feet, boi
So they'll kill anyone for me, boi
Yeah, YMCMB, boi
Young Tunechi fresh to death, rest in peace, boy
My gat bang, yo' hat hang, I ride off with Mack Maine
I drink Patron straight, you niggaz keep that champagne
My pa is the Birdman, I'm rich as a white man
I come to yo' show and kill you and yo' hypeman 
We roll in, let's roll out, my bitches don't hold out 
They got Marley G, I gotta bond my lil' bro out
Let my dreads grow out, my bitch got a blow out
"Mi casa, su casa", my house is a hoe house 
Only fuck with real niggaz; Polo, fuck that Hilfiger
Yeah I'm on a pill nigga, feed you to my lil' niggaz
Shout out to my big homies, Fifi and T-Streets
Scope on that AK, make me take a sneak peek
T, roll another one, razor blade on the tongue
You ain't ever seen this watch, nigga this a one of one
You niggaz is honey buns, yo' girlfriend a ton of fun
Chopper with a drum, motherfucker give the drummer some
Plus I light my blunt at them, suck a nigga dick or sum'n?
Pop that pussy for me, then wild out and give my niggaz some
I'ma do my thing, I put that on Nicki Minaj 
I need a bad redbone to come give my dick a massage
I'm talkin big money, I'm talkin heavyweight
I cut down on the syrup, now I'm in better shape
I'm from New Orleans nigga, where you ain't NEVER safe
You fuck with me, I drop you off in front of Heaven's gate
Oka, jump off a building, jump out a window
Smoke like a junkie and fuck like a nympho
Drink like a goldfish, that's right you know this
Hold up... click-clack, okay I'm reloaded
Fuck with Lil Tunechi, I'm good I'm Gucci
Wild as Ryu, I hit you with that Hadouken
My money too long, nigga; my weed too strong, nigga
Fuck EVERYBODY, I'm in my own zone nigga 
Uh! And every time you see me, I'm wet and I'm rollin
Tunechi rest in peace, fresh to death, and I'm rollin 
About to fuck a bitch, I just met 'cause she rollin
Nigga we rollin, nigga I'm rollin
Gotta keep a towel, I'ma sweat 'cause I'm rollin 
Goin' at bitch nigga neck, 'cause I'm rollin
Damn ma! I ain't cum yet, 'cause I'm rollin 
BITCH~! I'm rolling
Young Mula, baby! Sorry 4 the Wait...