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Artist: Lil Wayne
Album:  Sorry 4 the Wait
Song:   Hands Up (My Last) Freestyle
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[Lil Wayne]
{*lights lighter*} Yeah...

Uh, let's get fucked up
On the road to riches, you're just a speed bump
Funny how the heater make a nigga freeze up
We smoke a tree down 'til it's just a tree stump
That Eastside nigga, bang on you bitches
I'm goin at'cha neck, strangle you bitches
Got a long-ass list full of bad-ass bitches
and I stay burned out like a bad transmission
I'm on, like the lights I lights up
The kush knocked out, Mike Tyson fights
I'm talkin 'bout ass and titties, Sex and the City
Weezy F. Baby and the F is for "Forget it"
I'm lovin my shine, sippin on fine wine
Up in some fine dime, then she give me Einstein
Young Money muddahfucker, yeah we picked a fine time
I'm a 17 nigga, bitch I don't mind dyin, man
I just ended up on, er'ry bitch's sex list
Genie in the bottle, get a motherfuckin deathwish
Thugga in this bitch, he say, "Fuck y'all niggaz"
Breakin buds down the size of a football nigga
Red beam, +Gimme the Light+, no Sean Paul, nigga
Let nina bust in ya face like a porn star nigga
Yeah I keep the Brian Pumper, no homo
The shit I'm on got the world moving in slo-mo
Man, I told Mack I was gon' do it
Above the law, but under the influence
Man, I was on the skateboard, kick push swagger
Got my girl to the room, got behind her like a shadow
I had her, ass up in the air
I swear I got, I sweart I got the largest clip in the world
Right here in my gat, yah
And I wish a nigga play, I'ma bust a nigga ass
Hate Young Money? Then fuck you in the ass
187, and a hockey mask, haha! 
YMCMB gonna ball, 'til we fall 
And this fuck all y'all, haha
Gonna ball til we fall, and this fuck all y'all
We straight, Sorry 4 the Wait

I'm foolin in this bitchm, yeah...
Shout out to my nigga Term, shout out my lil brother Carpo
Shout out to the big homie Gash, shout out to my nigga Minnish
Shout to my nigga Top Dog, my nigga Jay, yeah..
Uh... Five, I see you, metter fact I be you, nigga
Yeah... Shout out to all my amus, you already know what it is
If you under the fire.. Fuck with me
Yah! Swag stupid man...Stupid mack-nupid, man..
Sorry 4 the Wait, Sorry 4 the Wait
Detail, I be you nigga..Hands up in the air
I just want the-I just want the 
Baddest bitch in the world, right here on my lap, yeaaah
Hah! Fuck witta nigga man. It's Young Money 'til I die
We run this shit... CATCH UP, NIGGAZ!