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Artist: Lil Wayne f/ Pharrell
Album:  Yes 12"
Song:   Yes
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You can catch me ridin down on the fuckin Verrazano
Ass out just like Diallo Diablo
Hi Ho Silver call that motherfucker Tonto
Leave a smoke trail back in Jersey in my condo
You can run up like youíre Ra-mbo
butchu better hit me nigga if you know what I know
'cause I got some +Supersize+ guys thatíll hit you with a +combo+ - pronto
You wonít see the +Mourning+ like Alonzo

[Lil Wayne]
Camo shorts, no socks with the red BAPE's
walk in to my closet, fuck around and get a headache
Fuck you so good, shawty you gon' need a bed break
Red Viper slither through the street like a red snake
Red diamonds in my chain, lookin like a red snake
Fuck-a wit me wrong man, you gon need some yellow tape
All dem awards, Wayne do you need a metal case?
("Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!" <- Chuck D) 
Haha eh!

[Chorus: Pharrell]
You got dat mean mug grill, dat red in ya eyes
Dat Ace of Spades baby, talkin big boy size
Get a stack in each hand, and hold it like ya fresh
They say, "Man it's like that?", say, "Yes nigga yes!" (say, "Yes nigga yes!)
The mami and ya girls, chillin in the vip 
STOP for a second and gyrate them hips
Get a stack in each hand, and hold it like ya fresh
If they say, "Man it's like that?", say, "YES NIGGA YES!" (say, "YES NIGGA YES!")

[Lil Wayne]
Yes, I make money, Iím a paper machine
and you could catch me in the newest, not the latest machine
"Now Weezy, why you drive so fast?" Because I'm chasin a dream
and when I catch dat muthafucka, I'ma rape it and leave
Yeaa, it's young ?Tun-chen?, now gimme some pussy
I ainít gotta paper chase, 'cause my paper come to me
I know money look good, bitch I know that why you lookin, huh?
("Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!" <- Chuck D) 
Ridin by myself in that all red Enzo
Smoke make it look like I got tinted windows
Young Money bitch, but fo' short it's YM hoe
Love that shit so much I went and iced out the symbol
All my niggaz scarin ya, all yo' niggaz scarier
Scarier than a cat in a cage with a Terrier
Pet cemetary, wayne are you the veterinarian?
("Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!" <- Chuck D) 


[Lil Wayne]
Yes I do it big, call me Little Astronomical
Weezy F. Baby and the F is for FAH-nomenal (phenomenal)
Type of nigga go and get his hood 'cross his abdominal
You could check my watch, I been rich a long time ago
Iím so tired of ballin, man I sleep all night
Bed sheets so nice, bed bugs don't bite
I asked her do she wanna fuck, befo' I ask twice she said
("Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!" <- Chuck D) 
Yes I am a beast, I swear I needs to be tranquilized
Yes I am a giant, next to me you are just ankle high
Yes I eat dat pussy, oh, how do I love that panty pie
Keep my hair shampooed and yes I keep my hands sanitized
New Orleans balla, ask ESPN 
Just kickin it, wit a Bruce Lee-sbian
Do you really think youíre better than the rest?
("Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!" <- Chuck D) 


[Lil Wayne - Outro]
Yes, yes, yes
Yeaaaeeees, yeaaaaaaaaaheee...
EHH! Young Mula, baby..
..Ain't like how I say it that time, I'ma say it agin