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Artist: Lil Wayne f/ Young Money (Jae Millz, Mack Maine)
Album:  Thank You 12"
Song:   Thank You
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Thank you. We would like to thank you
This must be what it feel like
Hustlers and Hustlerettes
Gangsters and Gangstresses

[Jae Millz]
Yo, black and grey pin stripe suit
Marc Jacob hard bottoms
I'm fly spreadin my wings like true
And my date yeah she beautiful too
She went easy on the make-up but the bitch still cute
We ease out the rows and proceed forward
Ain't her so i'm passin twice
Feelin like a graduation with all of these flashing lights
You fucking right a lot of ?? clique gonna splash tonight
You damn right a lot of wifes gonna be smashed tonight
Red carpets, cameras, I say Millz yikes
Shit this must be what victory feel like
Got you niggas stuck like still lifes
Weezy told me kid we bout to know what making history feel like
Young Money got 'em bout to earl like Garnett
I throw my hands in the air and scream top of the world
The champs has arrived
Thanks for the applause
You are far too kind
Now pass us our award

[Mack Maine]
Pass me that H20
I'm in a H2
Passing on my old bitches
They hollerin' out I hate you
New bitches that I don't know like Mack I wanna date you
Walt Disney on Ice every time I skate through
I got that blue flame flow, it's inferno
Clamidia type of words they will burn you
Your flesh is what I burn through
I'm +sonning+ you niggas, I'm paternal
I ain't going nowhere like Joe Paterno
I'm still calling shots from the press box
I make you niggas cough up a lung like S. Dot
Put hot sauce on my bullets now your flesh hot
Glove over my shooting hand when I feel the TEC's hot
You niggas on the bench, y'all gets no P.T.
Becuase you can't ball hard like B.D.
You niggas wanna be me
When you're at home you listen to my CD
And roll your eyes every time you see me
I used to fuck with B.G.
I got a White House that ain't in D.C.
Try Atlanta nigga
Me and my brother Tomb be riding round in Phantom's nigga
And Maybachs with wheels that cost a fortune like Pat Sajak
And we still got that Vanna White
We done made from Hollygrove to this, nigga this a fabulous life
Honey comb hide out, Young Money beehive
Let me move to the side, here comes the Best Rapper Alive

[Lil Wayne]
And I will not lose
I got them bitches lookin' at the bottom of my shoes
Call me First Place Carter
I live in the lead
I'ma die with the title
And winning is vital
Women is after, we get that money right now
My paper chase me, it's on my heels like some white socks
I'ma just go 'cause I don't really like stop
Pull this bitch out and shoot you once in the right spot
Y'all niggas phony, the top is so lonely
I had to tell the devil you gonna have to postpone me
Right now I'm in a race, in a race against time
'Cause everybody else is like a race against mom
But momma kinda fast though
Momma told me smash though
So I'm about to smash your motherfucking ass hoe
Motherfucking asshole
Yes I know this
But when you get the cash out the asshole
You gotta be on some shit
Future billionaire, yeah I gotta be on the list
Got a runway in my pants 'cause all the models be on my dick
Young Money, Young Money
Swallow that shit bitch
Santa Clause killer with a holday shit list
You could check my imprint
Two new TEC's and a M-10
Every bullet in him
He swell up like a blimp and
I get money hoe, what the hell I look like pimpin?
Bitch I'm winning
Ya dig?