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Artist: Lil Wayne f/ Soulja Boy
Album:  I Am Not a Human Being II
Song:   Trigger Finger
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Lil Wayne]
I ain't lookin back nigga
I'm a douchebag to these pussy ass niggaz
Hammer in my drawers but I nail yo' bitch
Blunts like fingers, I'm bout to make a fist
Everybody die, gon' bury me alive
Grab life by the horns, put the bullshit aside
Glock clip full like the moon in the sky
I'm at the gas station addin fuel to the fire
"Life ain't shit but bitches and money"
I pass that weed, like I studied
Bury me in fire and watch me Phoenix
Highway to heaven, I'm takin the scenic
You tied to the track of my train of thoughts
And controllin my thoughts is like tamin sharks
And these hoes wanna kick it with me I'm a sensei
And I got fat pockets, you niggaz in shape
Tools on deck, tattoos on necks
Life is a bitch, I'll make her yo' ex
Better turn to God 'fore I turn to Godzilla
How the fuck you gon' talk shit to diarrhea?
Motherfucker it's on, I'm just rubbin 'em wrong
Put a bug in my ear, but not in my phone
I'll have a broke motherfucker run in your home
For a crumb and a bone and put {one in your dome}

{One in your dome} {*8X to fade*}
Empty stomach, full clip
I'm gon' get it, gon' get it
Empty stomach, full clip
I'm gon' get it, gon' get it
My trigger finger itchin {*5X*}
Nigga {*echoes*}

[Lil Wayne]
"I don't like to dream about gettin paid"
You Ain't Gon' Hurt Nobody+ like Kid 'n Play
Ain't nuttin sweet but the codeine nigga
Eyes hella red like chlorine nigga
I was gettin that pussy, I was gettin that money
Long hair, don't care, Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Too high to take a breath, too high to take a step
Two rights don't make a wrong, three rights, make a left
The cops on my dick, the feds on my nerves
I walk it like I talk it, got legs on my words
If she don't suck dick, I don't give her that dick
Got the world in my hands, I'ma dribble that bitch
Money is the issue, full court pressure
I like my blunt, +Nutty Professor+
I'm a straight rider with a getaway driver
Hit you dead on the money, now you dead on arrival
I don't fuck with these niggaz, too old for new friends
... but never too rich for new money
These niggaz buying Haterade by the twelve pack - like two stomachs
I'm laced up like two shoes miss goody, keep that ratchet nigga
Trigger finger itchin I'll scratch you nigga
Blow yo fuckin brains out in traffic nigga
Got green, New Orleans, St. Patrick nigga
One bitch on the whip, one on the phone
The one on the phone, is in front of your home
She 'bout to run in your home and put {one in your dome}


[Soulja Boy]
Rest in peace to the game cause I'm fresh to death
Rest in peace to the game, tell them kill theyself
Make yo' death wish, cause I'm too fresh
Cause I'm fresh to death, cause I'm fresh to death
You go broke tryin to get fresh like this
Rest in peace to the game cause I killed it
I'm fresh to death, I'm fresh to death
What you talkin? I came out a coffin - yeah~!!

[Lil Wayne]
I just can't see myself, livin in a house of mirrors
I bought me a double R, cause I went from rags to riches
And these niggaz nag like bitches, actin like little fags like +Richard+
And all of my bitches be bad as vision
You got a problem I can fix it like a mathematician
I ammunition, call me ammo for short
Trukfit shirt, camou the shorts
Your girl is a freak, your man is a narc
Put ya son in ya arm, or put {one in your dome}

{One in your dome} {*8X to fade*}