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Artist: Lil Wayne
Album:  I Am Not a Human Being II
Song:   Shit Stains
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* - Target Bonus Track

{David Banner, Dav-Dav-David Banner}
{D-David, David, David, David, David Banner} 

[Lil Wayne]
Tunechi, uh...
Walked in the bank like my shit don't stank
Bitch, I'm from New Orleans, everybody ain't +Saints+
Pockets never empty, Weezy F. - full tank
Try to check me and I'ma leave that check blank
(Mwah) Tounge-kiss that pussy, make that woman have convulsions
I'm in this bitch, throwin up Blood like a ulcer (soo woo)
Real nigga like a motherfuckin slave (yea)
I R.I.P. these niggaz, like a page
Uhh... hello, how you doin, sir?
Dr. Carter M.D., that's Mur -- Der (whoa)
Bitches ain't shit (nope), and niggaz ain't neither
Bad bitches I get at'chu, like sinus (God bless you)
These niggaz is fake, like a bosom (yep)
And everybody's on edge, until you push 'em
Hah~! But the pleasure's all mine
Cause on my watch, I'm the greatest of all time

And I don't know how fake feel, nigga (feel, nigga)
Cause all my life, I been a real nigga (real nigga)
Yeah all my life, I been a real nigga
Don't fuck up my night, I'm like
"What's poppin? What's ya friend name?
 What y'all drinkin on? Come get a oil change"
I brung my AK, I'm on my A game
Bitch I'm a a-hole, leavin shit stains... hoe!

[Lil Wayne] 
I'm a asshole (yep), but I don't give a shit (nope)
Like a hard dick... I'm in this bitch (uh)
I'm sharp, I'm cold - icepick
Top off the Maybach, nice tits (whoo!)
I'm from Hollygrove, I usta hang with air
I make them bitches {*gasp!*}, they +Waitin' to Exhale+
I'm on some gangsta shit, knock yo' head off
Bark up my tree, that's a dead dog (uh)
Where them hoes at? (Right dere) Tell 'em I said wassup (wassup?)
I like a shaved pussy, no razor bumps (okay)
I got that paper bitch, come get a paper cut
Don't gamble in that pussy, not even Lady Luck's (Amen)
I make 'em straighten up, and fly right
When life hands you lemons, find a limelight (haha)
Yeah, and the pleasure's all mine
Cause on my watch, I'm the greatest of all time


[Lil Wayne] 
Uh, I like my alcohol straight, bitch
I can't stop stuntin, I need my brakes fixed
Yeah I'm on that shit, like a fuckin maggot
On the road to riches, you niggaz stuck in traffic
Stomp a nigga OUT, keep the party goin
Kick them hoes OUT, if them hoes annoyin
But if they friends bad, then them hoes can join
I'm 'bout to shoot a porn, I'm castin broken arm
Got money on my mind, pussy on my agenda
I beat that pink pussy magenta for bein gentle
Man I'm hard, these niggaz is simple, gun to your temple
I smoke, 'til I look Oriental, high as a window
and I broke, these niggaz like pencils on accidental
Bitch I'm mental, dick in her dimples, lick it I tremble
I swear, that shit is mental fuck and my rent due
I school yo' ass and suspend you, you BITCH you
It's Tunechi!