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Artist: Lil Wayne f/ Shane Heyl
Album:  I Am Not a Human Being II
Song:   Hello
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[Lil Wayne] + (Shane Heyl)
Cut the fuckin music up (YMCMB)
(GTWYC) Yeah (it's about that time)
(I thought you knew) Uhh!
Yeah (cold mouth gumbo) uhh!
(Bright stretched out) yeah, bitch!
(Shake junt) bitch! (Shake junt) bitch!
(Shake junt) yeah...
Chicken bone, now it's on
Now it's on, dat wishlist, yeah...

[Lil Wayne - repeat 2X w/ minor variations]
California house in the hills, big windows no blinds
Can't sleep past 9, we pass weed like time
Over here, money over there
Her lipstick smell, her pussy look pierced
Daddy gotta go after that and get his
See you later at the dinner, cry crocodile tears
Don't worry I'll be back, cause the pussy like crack
She got a nice swag, and the apple bottom like that apple like Mac
That's that computer love
And get that pussy when I took her to the funeral
Girl I'ma wear that ass out like a uniform
So ride this dick like a horse turned to unicorn
Phone in her back pocket made the EHHHH
Phone in her back pocket made her booty call to say
She said "Oh shit! I ain't mean to call you
Anyway, what'chu doin?"
I said "Nuttin," she said "I know what you should be doin
You could be doin" - open up your legs, walk me through it
+Ain't Too Proud 2 Beg+, pssh, nigga please
I fell on my hands, and she fell on her knees
What'chu know about that?
UHH~! (Hello!) Yeah!
I fell on my hands, and she fell on her knees
What'chu know about that?

[after repeat 1]
Skate! Smoke!
Fuck! Yeah!

[after repeat 2]
Bitch! Bitch!
Uhh! Skate!
(Shake junt) smoke!
(Shake junt) fuck!
(Shake junt) yeah!!

[Shane Heyl]
Don't back up I'm here to save ya
S on my chest like a Superman vest
Shake junt, brother say it again
Shake junt, get buck my friends
Wandering dreaming constantly thinking
Tick tock, SAY HELLO
Tick tock, SAY HELLO - time's wasting!
Had a chance, now look at the mess
Evil thoughts, they run in my head
Get there - while you can
I say get there - while you can!!
Kill it, no you can't, yes I can, pushin
Bout a 50 million skaters screamin FASTER
Green and yellow turn again, let her go, back it up
Boom boom, bring it up, titties from hell!
Swerve swerve, fill it up, miss miss, don't forget
business, don't forget, business, don't forget
Chicken bone, not a phone, chicken bone, not a phone
Chicken bone, not a phone, IS ANYBODY OUT THERE~?!