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Artist: Lil Wayne f/ Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz, Lil Chuckee, Lil Twist, Nicki Minaj
Album:  I Am Not a Human Being
Song:   YM Salute
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[Nicki Minaj]
This that Young Money shit right here
Better strap up your boots.. before they start to shoot
They do it for the troops.. it's Young Money salute
It's Young Money salute

[Lil Twist]
Yeah, uhh
So sick with the flow, yeah you Cowboys know
That Lil Twist been a pro way before Romo
No T.O., no Witten, Cowboys to a piston
A.I., no Wallace, you kids gettin demolished
I'm bookin on you suckers like I'm just leavin college
But smart, very smart, too smart for your knowledge
Too smart once mo', Wayne called me a genius
It's Y.M.E. nothin gets in between us

[Lil Chuckee]
I told Wayne I'm goin in like somebody 'bout to bury me
In this rap game nobody could ever bury me
That's why you see me on stage rockin with Young Money
I told my team I got us, man it's all on me
like Volume 2, B.G., I got my crew with me
Twist, Mack, Millz, Gudda and my baby Nicki
Everytime I'm on the track it's ransom
Can't find 'em like us any mo', it's random
When Young Money come through you better salute us

[Chorus: Nicki Minaj]
Better strap up your boots.. before they start to shoot
They do it for the troops.. it's Young Money salute
It's Young Money salute.. it's Young Money salute
It's Young Money salute.. it's Young Money salute
So salute, so salute

[Jae Millz]
Hey I solemnly swear if it ever go down
You ain't never gotta call me, cause I'ma be there
Let's get to the point like elbows, my crew harder than shelltoes
Strapped like velcro and is we runnin? Hell no
And truthfully, aimin for number one, ohh do we!
You ask why, I'll reply "Cause nobody remember two or three"
Cross YM and out of him we'll make a movie (yessir)
We all that we can be, respect the army and salute we

[Gudda Gudda]
Yeah, Young Money army we marchin, we comin forward
No warnin, we got these boys runnin like Forrest
So salute me like a general, first place never last
Always on top and I'm a chief like a Seminole
Got the game in a stranglehold, no lettin up
You can get the top or your can popped like 7-Up
Lnock knock let us up, Young Money applaud me
And we'll take the game out your hands like a joystick

[Nicki Minaj]
I'ma need my badges and my ribbons
Maybe it'll make up for everything that I wasn't given
Everything that I've given, I swear I'll never give in
Just look at what I've been in and this is just the beginnin
I d-d-d-d-do it cause I did it for my ballerina girls
Blowin kisses to the soldiers I am Marilyn Monroe
When we shoot shoot shoot 'em up, camoflauge me
Cause Young Money is the Navy, better yet a army


[Lil Wayne]
... Commander in Chief
One hand on the world, one hand on the brief
I stand on the world, bitch I stand on the peak
of the game, and the girls, and the guap', now that's G
Don't ask me about shit but money
Fuckin right my money long I got that ten foot money
Heh, I get it fast when I get to the money
When I walk, it sound like ten foots runnin
I meant feet, I'm in deep like wet pussy
I'm a purple heart proven war vet rookie
You can't even sit next to me
Now bring money or death to me, or don't step to me
Now don't step nugga, march with me
To the steps of the court buildin, like ain't we God's children?
I know at all times Gods feel me
So I play my part until the war kill me
Salute, or shoot, nigga~!


[Lil Wayne - over Chorus]
Get that salute out my face
I am, a sixteen year veteran
I been in this motherfuckin
hip-hop war, all my motherfuckin life
But I still have that, my life, yeah
Young Mula baby