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Artist: Lil Wayne & Birdman
Albym:  Like Father, Like Son
Song:   Over Here Hustlin'
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[Chorus] + (Lil Wayne talkin over the chorus)
(Ha) We over here hustlin', (yeah) we over here grindin' (Huh?)
We over here hustlin', we over here grindin' (Somebody say somethin to me?)
We over here hustlin', we over here grind- (Well, tell 'em I say, "Fuck 'em!")
I'm all, I'm all about my pap-, I'm all, I'm all about my paper (Ha!)
We over her hustlin', we over her grindin' (Cocky! I know)
We over her hustlin', we over her hus' (I work hard bitch)
We over here grind- (+I can do dat+)
I'm all, I'm all about my pap-, (ain't that right?) I'm all, I'm all about my paper

[Lil Wayne]
Now ask me what I'm doin, that's me in the hook
And I just keep on kickin' it, kickin' it, like a knee and a board
Yes, Wayne straight like a ki of that good
And if that bitch don't know the rules then I will read her the book
I got the key to the boat, I got the key to the jet
I got the key to sucess, get money invest
Re-up wit' the rest, I got a sweeter connect
That mean my weed is the best, Joe can even the stress
Ok, the coupe is ridiculous, and the jeep is a mess
Let's call my bullets a lump, cuz I put 'em deep in ya neck
+Adam's Apple+ meet +Banana Clip+, ya'll know my script 
I just get my +chips+ and then I +dip+, and then I dip
They say the bullshit walks, the money talks
So I don't answer, I don't answer unless the money calls
Yeah that's my word, that's my word, no I wouln't front for ya'll
It's money over everything and bitches under all...M.O.B.!!

[Chorus] + (Baby talkin over the chorus)
Yeah shorty
I wish one of them pussies would tell me somethin nigga
Fuck 'em, +Like Father, Like Son+, we goin' the bank on these bitches
Half a mil' in the grill on these pussies...pussies!
Uptown, we in this mother fucker, AK toters, +Hood Rich+ mother fucker
Get money or die bitch! One hundred!

I say Uptown poppin', Uptown rockin'
Uptown made us, it's the home of them +Hard Knocks+
Cook up a whole block, kitted up in all white
Ridin with a chopper and black diamonds, and it all nice
Shop til you pop bitch, do your own thing hoe
Got the game from KC, suckin flow, 6 Court
Bling bling king nigga, money ain't a thing nigga
Ridin in the Lamborgini, suicidal eagle wings
Assault rifles, my lil homies big poppas
Comin thru the attic, 20 in that heli-choppa
Zip it and whip it nigga, that's how we ship it nigga
Burn it and light it, then we dip it and we hit it nigga
I spent a mil' on my grill, for real
Cuz we be stuntin' while we husltin' nigga, makin these hills
We be grindin' while we shinin' nigga, packin' the steel
Stay fly, get money nigga, stack it and bulid


I say we deep in the game nigga, we switchin' them lanes nigga
Got blood money homie, no pain no gain nigga
50 a fame nigga, a G a name nigga
That's what we do nigga, claim ya fame nigga
Hop out a Range nigga, fang in hand nigga
Stop all that reppin' 'fore I, send some flames nigga
All this money nigga, jewelery and fame, yes I
Cuz we be stuntin' nigga (Uh huh) Movin' them things nigga (Look!)

[Lil Wayne]
Paper paper, paper, all I need is paper
Green paper, white chalk, yellow tape-a
Make ya, shirt look like you got on a butcher's apron
Go 'head and make a steak then...bitch nigga
Rich nigga talkin', this our money sign
I'm just chillin', but my money still runnin' 'round
Yeah, and I do-oz what I does, you niggaz couldn't even be who I was, ha!


[Baby talkin' over the chorus]
Un-mother fuckin-believable the type of shit we do
Shit, what's the business OC Jones, KC, Shahib-Muhuammed
World! What it do OG Calvin? Bo Miller, Status Jackson
My nigga Sqaloob, Big Rufus, all my +Hood Rich + g's
And one o' my niggaz gangsta, all my AK dudes