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Artist: Birdman & Lil Wayne f/ Daz Dillinger, Kurupt
Album:  Like Father, Like Son
Song:   Cali Dro
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So light it up and pass the thang to me
I'm fresh off patrol I could smoke a whole P
Can smell it in my clothes you can smell it in my seats
that's how a nigga rolls i was raised in them streets
i'm rolling up a sweet, I'm fillin' it with keef
I'm too high to talk bitch, keep it real brief
IF it ain't about money, you don't even gotta speak
I smoke it in a paper, Weezy smoke it in a leaf
And nigga I'mma Stunna, I got runnas
And we keep them shotguns like hunters
We smoke thunder, it put me under
I'm talkin' bout straight purple kush that thundas
See I be fuckin' with them trees, cuz I'm straight out tha jungle
Keep about five pounds and we ain't even tryin' to hustle
Ya'll already know how that go

[Lil Wayne]
I get my kush from California, get my dro from Arizona
I can get it cross the boarder, I got a Ryda name Winona
And I be calmer than a somma, inside of the phantom
And it's lookin' like a sauna, and I still stay high and I still got my diploma
And I still keep the maggie on me like a Homer
And I'm too sick, man, I'm spittin' out a coma
And I'm still lettin' the money pile like goma
And I smoke that kill, ya'll blowin' on begonias
And I keep a fill of that grass like a farmer
And I keep that armor, try me and I'll spin you around
I'll be with the stars and I ain't talkin' Tinsel Town
That's right the present town, bitches tear the fences down
Like prince in town, boy I shits a pound of that purple rain on the marvin's day
You wit me now? Too high you can't set me down

We got that AK47 white right on set painted
And named it orange purple kush that million dollar top brand

I got that white ivory ice tee, docters requestin' dope weed
Blazin' up so much bomb, I got a bad bitch on my side

See see we just smokin' we just smokin'
We just tryin' to fire up
If you got the bomb bomb nigga come and light it up

Yeah blaze up ain't nothin like ridin' by, drivin' high
Me and all the homies smokin', dumpin' if you chokin' smokin

Smoke slow when they hit you cuz you might pass out

Look over at the bitches, snatch a blunt up out a mouth bitch

Switch it to another scene, that has you smokin' endo green

Some homies be on that lean, mix it with that endo weed

Because we fucked up we fucked up, you know that we fucked up

I like to smoke and drink, with that nympho plated thang

Because we fucked up, we fucked up, you know that we fucked up