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Artist: Lil Wayne
Album:  The Drought is Over Part 6
Song:   I Feel Me
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Bitch, I feel me!
Yeah, ahh!
I got the game mad
And I ain't talkin' 'bout homie in L.A. neither

I say, I got so much money, man I don't know what to do with it
I was thinkin' 'bout gettin' some and lettin' you spend it
Aye, I do it way bigger than you did it
I'm sittin' on them Jordans, must be the shoes in it
I get rude, ignorant, cruel, really cruel
When it rains it storm, get in the pool, silly
Who really, want it with us?
Homeboy, you trippin' you gon' fall and bust
yo' ass - I could rap fast but I like slower better
Why? Cause bitch, I'm on the four or better
Fly-y-y-y, with no feathers
And if you don't know good, you gon' know better
Yeah, I'm talkin' Young Money only
Weezy a.k.a. I got enough money on me
Yeah, and ya'll niggas phony
I got some bullets with ya'll pictures on them
Haha, ya'll don't really want me
And I blast off on beat
And she make you leave
And you just do you, and she just do me