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Artist: Lil Wayne f/ Swizz Beatz, Boo, Curren$y, Mack Maine
Album:  The Drought Is Over Part Six
Song:   First Place Winner
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[Hook: Swizz Beatz]
Am I the best? Yes
Am I the best? Yes
I'm a first place winner, first place winner
I'm a first place winner, first place winner
I ain't never been scared to get-get-get no get no money
I ain't never been scared to g-g-get no get no money
I ain't never been scared to get-get-get no get no money
I ain't never been scared to get no money money money...

[Lil Wayne talking over Swizz]
Hahaha, Young Money baby!
Ay! Just because I just said Young Money
I just made this song a whole lot better
Doesn't money make everything better?
Fuck it, yeah Young Money, Cash Money
Young Money, Cash Money, Young Money, Cash.. Money..
Big money, beyotch!! hehe
I know they tired of me
Cause I'm sleeping on them
I ain't never been scared of getting no money bitch!

[Verse: Lil Wayne]
What the fuck I look like?
Fuck my verse nigga Swizz got the hook right
Don't look left baby girl just look right
And you gone see us in more red than Suge Knight
Gangbanger yes, soo-woo gang
And if you ain't wit it then you in the food chain
I'm in that wide body I'ma need two lanes
Blue seats white paint wetter than new rain
It look like a white person, with blue veins
I keep a black glock, red dot blue flame
Feet hanging out the window jock my shoe game
Cause all my kicks fly, like Liu Kang
Hehe, old playa new game
I'm focused, I'm thinking like I got two brains
I'm in my prime I feel like a new Wayne
How come there is two bitches but ain't no two Waynes?
{*Wayne over Hook*}
    Hehe I don't know what they do but I do thangs
    This Mr. "Everytime You See Me Got A New Chain"
    My flow crazy, I ain't too sane
    But I am the shit and they just poop stains
{*Wayne talking*}
    Haha! Yeah!
    Now all the ladies say, "ooh Wayne.. ooh Wayne"
    Hehe alright YEAH! AY!

[Hook: Swizz Beatz] - 2X

[Verse: Boo]
Yeah I grind hard (grind hard) but I shine harder (harder)
My watch stupid (stupid) my chain retarded (-tarded)
CLS-500, the kid Broadus
B double O, still gettin in pimpin
We might got the same car but my rims different
Plus a sexy lil fine bitch come with it
Young Money we the flyest crew (flyest crew)
Rappers we can't see y'all, who are you? (who are you?)
Spit it's your turn jack do what ya do (Currensy)
Mack still spitting like he new and improved (Mack Maine)
Weezy and the Pimp are just shittin on fools
And you know me jack I got work to move (yeah)

[Hook: Swizz Beatz]

[Verse: Curren$y]
Yeah Young Money in the house
Motherfuck anybody else who in the house
My niggas with me so you know it's guns in the house
The cops'll grab a roll of yellow tape and run around your house
Why y'all fuckin with Lil Spitta?
I wasn't doing nothing just laid up chillin
Playing Tony Hawk on the Xbox, burnin incense
Rocking sweat pants and some Jordan number sixes
My check cleared I'm officially a rich nigga
So from this day I'ma smile in all my pictures
Get the champagne from the top shelf
The crib got wings like a jet, one east one west

[Hook: Swizz Beatz]

[Verse: Mack Maine]
Bitch I'm Mack Maaaaaaine
I'm psycho, like no, other motherfucker
And I'm in this bitch hollerin Young Money motherfucker
It's Mack Maine I make my money speak latin
And I'm comfortable like my sheet satin
The kush got me higher than an old hooker's skirt (skirt)
And I never been to culinary school but cook work (cheah)
I'm no sergeant homie so I never cuff a hoe
And I hustle for my +Bills+ like I'm from Buffalo
Ya figga deal - but on the really-real,
pause the clock my flow timeless
Say my name and lose your job like you're Don Imus (fuck you)
I'm just a, real nigga, Mack Mizzle
I'm off the hizzle, with two pistols now

[Hook: Swizz Beatz]