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Artist: Lil Wayne
Album:  Da Drought 3
Song:   Swizzy (Remix)
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[Lil Wayne talking]
This the remix baby, yea!
You already know what it is
Cause if you don't, you just don't know nothing
Shit period... stupid

[Lil Wayne]
You know me, I just be chillin in the phantom, listenin to opera
Gun is my body guard, call it Kevin Costner
Probably won't stop if, I get to poppin them shots
You niggas is sweeter than a box of Red Hots
Fuck around, see a flock of red dots
Smoke good, eat good, only fuck a bitch
If her dough good, feet good, just bought a fleetwood
And I'ma put some D's on that bitch
Lookin like I got a diamond disease on my wrist
Fresh! bunch of little G's on my kicks
I'ma dog, your all a bunch of fleas on my dick
Young Money Cash Money, and we gon' get the money even if it kills ya'll 
And I'ma ride, 'til the muthafuckin wheels off
George Gervin, I'ma get my chill on
I'm cold, yeah I get my Buffalo Bill on
Beatin up ya block, yeah I get my Emmitt Teal on
In the New Edition, yeah I get my Johnny Gill on
Keep a shotgun, yeah I get my Jason Wheel on
Fuck it Swizz, I'm still gon' black entertainment, yeah I get my Steven Hill On
Only to talk models, yeah I get my seal on
Make that chick rock, get my Emil on
Two girls, let 'em get they pill on
Let 'em get they feel on, I get my Tip Drill on
Hey, now why you that ice grill on?
I leave you lookin like you got a barbeque grill on
Yeah, we got money to the ceiling
Real nigga, I get my Keep It Real on
And they be lying on wax, like a earphone
Weezy Baby, the best from here on
Swish, I'm in gear homes
They in trouble, we gon' bubble like beer foam
No homo, let em get they queer on
No commercial, I just take the leer home
My girl she get her pampoir on
She don't touch me, I got cashmere on
I ball, and you just Erik Dampier, dawg
I'm dirty, I get my Bill Lambier on
Weezy the Beast, Swizzy the Monster and we're gone