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Artist: Lil Wayne
Album:  Da Drought 3
Song:   N.O. Nigga
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Yea you know we strap all day, ride all night
This is the life of a.. the life of a, N.O. nigga [x3]
You know nigga
Since the hurricane came, shit aint been right
If ya visit my city, you could loose your life
In the, N.O. nigga [x4]

[Lil Wayne]
Come fuck wit this flow nigga, not my flow nigga
No nigga, no young, no old nigga
I'm cold nigga, ice cold nigga
God flow, I spit bible's nigga
Rifles nigga, chop chop bitch
You pop & lock it, and my gun'll lock and pop bitch
My shit poppin, like I'm Chris
No Chris Brown bitch, it's uptown bitch
That uptown shit, like what now, shut up, you shut down bitch
Now sit down bitch, we get's down bitch
Now sit down bitch, don't make a sound bitch
Like a clown bitch, that red dot cover ya nose, like a clown bitch
So don't run, cuz I'ma gun you down bitch
Bitch, don't I smell, don't I sound rich
I'm like Stunna, I'm blowin Out The Pound, bitch
I don't need help, I aint gon' drown bitch
Cuz in the pool, I'm on the ball, like a round tip
Yea, 8 ball side pocket, I leave the club wit two bitches in my pocket
Naked pictures to my sidekick
Tell ya bitch quit sendin them pictures to my sidekick
And quit instant mesagin my IM
Myspace Tom, them bitches actin like I'm him
And fuck the best, nigga I'm M
Bitches wanna fuck, like they're me, and I'm them
Yea, they share me like oxygen
I got game, but in the game, I got 'em in
I'm talkin championship rings, I gotta win
We talkin championship rings, I got 10
I'm on my champion shit mayne, It's lookin slim
Haha... for them, haha

Now pack ya'll K's, leave ya'll knives
This is the life of a.. this is the life for us Gorillaz
Coke dealas, dope dealas, we go get us
A body today, a body tonight
This is the life nigga, this is the life of a, N.O. nigga
That 5 nigga, that 'O' nigga, that 4 nigga