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Artist: Lil Wayne
Album:  Da Drought 3
Song:   Get High Rule The World
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[Intro: Lil Wayne]
Drought 3 
Hear my chains.. ha
That mean I'm ballin bitch
If ya didn't know, if you wasn't informed
Or somethin like that, this is Da Drought 3
And um.. check this out

[Lil Wayne]
Yeah, imagine waking up out ya sleep to them pistols blastin
And if the witness is dead there's no trial
If you didn't know then hoe, well ya know now
And I don't mean basketball, when I say I don't know Yao
Money money money money, boost my mor-al
Play with my money money money, O.K. Co-ral
I like a bitch with a apple bottom, like vo-kal
The top is at my fingertips, like I aint got no nails
I got blood brothers bitch, I aint got no pals
I make a girl get low, like I aint got no L's
I'ma paper chasin dog, check my toenails
And I never miss a game, no Shaq O'Neal
More like Brett Favre, just like Brett Favre
I been shot two times, just wipe that off
But I thank you for putting me right back, Lord
And to you, father, I would give my life back for it
That knife that sword, that gun that war
Make ya so called soldiers, just run like Gore
Yea Frank that is from San Francis
And I got more banana clips then chimpanzees
10 addresses and I dresses
Like I thinks I'm the muthafuckin best there is
And I'm about to bubble and she catch that fizz
And I'm straight from Clayborne nigga, just ask Liz
Check ya neck, there aint a crook like this
From the city where the judge throw the book at kids
Burna in school, in my bookbag hid
Talk stupid at lunch and we havin ya ribs
If you are not home, then we havin ya kids
And if you can't come up with half, I'll send ya half of ya kid
Back to the board, an extravagant crib
I'm on the toilet watchin Martin, just laughin and shit
Don't know why I get high, but I get high
I get high like every single day
We do shit that them other women can't
Maryjane, what is it you've done to me
I pop a beat and start rollin
And then I smoke it like a muthafuckin stogie
Pete Pye wrote it, I was rappin to the.. ding-ding-ding-ding.. fuck it
Get high screw the world, and that's that
I need all my funds, yeah, all my money baby
Black diamonds and pearls, believe that
I may bling bling and my chest look like a mural
I'm nuts, just call me Squirrel
My fetish is the girls, but the women not the girls
Act your age, not your shoe size, maybe we can do the twirl
I'll be the Prince of a Pearl.. tongue, earring in her pearl.. tongue
If she come let her girl.. come, give her a pill, giver her girl.. one
Party time, excellent, yup Wayne's World
Campbell's soup on the wrist, just call me Earl
Lil ma don't shoot em, ya heard
I get high my words slur, I start callin 'em Mirl
Hey Mirl, light that fur
And I know this old, but I'm really hot in hurr
I went with the phantom, my niggaz coppin the spurs
My hands in the pot, I'd rather eat and stir
It's I against the world, and I'm strapped.. yeah
I bring all my guns.. shoot mothers, fathers, babies, damn
Black hand guns to serve, we could see
But we are so blind to the signs they tryin to lose the world
And we will walk right up with our guns, yup, hand n' hand, yeah
We'll march right after the drum, but I don't need no band
Nicca, Drought 3