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Artist: Lil Wayne
Album:  Da Drought 3
Song:   Dipset 2
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[Lil Wayne]
Kutch, good kutch, yup
Weezy, dip dip, Wayne set set
And I grip tec's, leave water bed wet
And I know just where to put these hollow tips
His chest, his chest, his chest

[Lil Wayne]
Yea, ayo, I take on a gang of gangs, anythang, animal, orangutans
Gorillas turn to Bathing Apes, when I make it rain
I got a whole collection, I got a dope connection
I got a coke connection, I got a dough infection
No homo, my flow is as hard as an erection
So that's why it's "fuck the world" with protection
Haha, pay attention to the lecture
My words carry life, like a stretcher
Yea, you know young Wayne in here
Smellin teen spirit, like Kurt Cobain was here
Yea, yea, we got them thangs in here
And we will bang in here, yea, yea, yea, yea
And the bank is here Lincolns here
Grants is here, Jacksons here, Franklins here, them dead muthafuckas
And the drank is here, dank is here, stank in here
Gangstas here, wankstas fifth, that red muthafucka
And my city hot, ride with the itchy cock
Cope with the titties popped, muthafucka city cop
And I got the hater like, when will he stop?
Maybe a minute after never, set ya clocks
I'ma nut case, Uptown my birthplace
They feel me cumming like the weekend on Thursday
We got Vegas chips, nigga bet bet
I hope you boys ready, because I'm jet set
And when I cum up in the building, you already know bitch wet
Bitch wet, bitch wet, fuck nah

[Lil Wayne]
Yes, um.. gloves, draws, socks, tees
All made by Ralph Lauren
No shades, just my eyeballs watching them
Tattoos on top of them, igloo's for watches in, champagne for breakfast and
Sports car for lunch, and pussy for dinner
I eat rappers and call it Pussy For Dinner
Yea, that's the paprazzi, I'm in the Mazzurati
Ridin shotty, bad bitch, Clyde and Bonnie
I call her Kami, that short for kamikaze
She call me Daddy, and never short with Daddy money
It's Weezy Baby, shine like a brass monkey
I'm never broke, never have a cast on me
Always pay, always got cash on me
I gotta feed, the pockets in my pants hungry
I'ma Phantom harla, a shooter, not a brawler
And yea girlfriend's a determinded Carter caller
Control a bitch and let a nigga hold a bitch
I put her on the corner shit, I let her make a porno flick
She will play the role again, whenever she roll again
Pop a pill, then roll again, now we on the road again
Yea, I work her, work her, tell her be my slave
Bitch I'm paid, on my cage, I just Can't Feel My Face
With Santana, we well riders, like Al Queda
Supreme Da Da, Young Mula, Bird Junior
Yea.. ha