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Artist: Lil Wayne
Album:  Da Drought 3
Song:   Dipset
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Oh Yea
Cut the music up in the fones Drew
My hair is blockin' me
(Laughs) my shit growin' like my money....Hah
Let's Go



[Lil Wayne]
Uh...I'm so Dipset - Dipsouth Baby
If you don't like it nigga, fuck you wit a aids dick
I hope you die 30 times, nigga murder moms
No fast talk, I'm on that syrup, I'm on that turtle time
If Killa say the nigga dead, then a nigga dead
If Stunna say the nigga dead, then a nigga dead
B.I.P. - We be them niggas bangin in the red
Don't drink krystile no more, just pour it on white bitches head
This aint no Tommy Hilfiger, this that Polo hoe
We are the biggest group alive to get that solo doe
And we gon' get that dough, until they say theres no more doe
I smoke that ounce, I got that bounce, I got that pogo flow
Just show a video wit R.Kelly, but no homo though
Really didn't wanna do it but I fuck wit T, S, and Fat Joe Joe though
I am a robot and this robot is on overload
And bitch I always will be hot, like I'm in overcoats


[Lil Wayne]
Um..Dolla after dolla, holla at ya guala
I'm rollin like the stones, I need a water bottle
And if you need a pill, T.Streetz and Carter got em
Supply the whole party, we got the party poppin
We in New Orleans poppin, we way in Harlem poppin
In California poppin, Ed Hardey rockin
Skinny whores wit all them problems
Bitch you can eat these pills and chill and tell me all about em
Hold up my heart is knockin, don't worry water stops it
Hold up your mouth is dry, don't worry water mops it
I got a great idea, we should have sex
Bitch I'm like Dante Hall, I just throw up the X
My dick be still hard, I be so up for next
Thats when you slip up and fuck around, and fuck ya ex
That be that bullshit, but it's the fuckin best!
I get her to pop a pill, and come and fuck the set!
And I fuckin rep


[Lil Wayne]
Haha, Yea
DipSouth...Ya Digggg
Man, yo I cant feel my face comin... The album
I'm so Dipset, Cash Money, Young Money, Skull Gang it is a fuckin ashame
I need help yall... serious help
I just spent 10,000 dollars on a new belt, aint wear da muthafucka yet
Dont even got nuttin to go wit the mu fucker, dont even kno if I'ma wear it
Startin to think I don't like the mu fucker, You want it
Cool, I put it round ya mufuckin neck, Cuz its ova... BITCH