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Artist: Lil Wayne
Album:  Da Drought 3
Song:   I Can't Feel My Face
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[Lil Wayne]
Hardy body muthafucka, got the heart of a killer
Young god in da buildin, bout to start a religion
Bout to call Bin Laden up, and order some missles
Bring em straight to yo block and go to war wit you bitches
If you hit the head, then the rest fall in position
Shoot a nigga on da porch, and make him fall in his kitchen
Copped a big boy porsche, wit all da specifics
And I keep that torch, baby call me Olympics
Red, white, blue pill, flip my skills like gymnasts
And neva give a bitch money, blood, or kidneys
When the gun goes pow, I be at the finish
Wit a medal round my neck, autograph on my tennis
The land of da murder, dope, crack, and sergines
Pull up on ya in da coupe, how fat is ya engine?
Neva talk to those that sat on da benches
Boy, I was in da game, on 4th & inches
These niggaz want the business, I'ma give these boys da business
See you fuckin wit da boy, that tote toys before Christmas
Got all these hoes trippin, got all these hoes strippin
No we aint P$C, but them bitches know we Tippin
I just bought a pint and aint none of ya'll sippin
Make my friends buy they own, fuck I'm tired of being friendly
You aint gotta lie, just tot ry to be wit me
Bitches up in heaven, waitin at the God to be wit me
I'm crazy for being Wayne, or is Wayne just crazy?
I been around, I'm still around, like them Geico cavemen
Hairpin trigga, no I won't shave it
I spot Hip Hop in the ocean, I'm gon' save it
The South is so dirty, bitch you can't bathe it
Hollygrove dog, and I feel like mating
Babygirl, yo pussy lookin so vacant
And it's fuck you and fuck Georgia Bush, not makin
Fuck Waste Deep, I'm in ova my head
But it's cool, I'ma make it, I'm Good, like Meagan
Your girl wants me to come Ronald, like Reagan
Your boyfriend is softer than the carton the eggs in
I don't fear nothing, but God and weddings
At the top of my paper, like I'm starting a heading
My homie Santana, yea dat's my ace
But you may know us as, I Can't Feel My Face

[Lil Wayne talking]
Yeah.. Weezy bitch
Don't give a fuck about you at all
I'm paid.. been that way for a long time
Looks like I'ma die like that
Cuz if I am, I'ma just die.. haha

[Lil Wayne]
Yeah, see they don't know where I came from, but they know where I'm goin
And I'ma tell you just how the top feels when I'm on
In the game, I'm no cheetah, I'ma tiger, I'ma cougar, I'ma panther, I'ma bengal
Ocho Cinco
I'm illy, shirt softer than Gillie
In a piar of Gucci flops, feelin free'ier than Willie
When dem niggaz Left Eye, it got a little bit Chilli
But I just let it burn, like the end of the philly