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Artist: Lil Wayne
Album:  Da Drought 3
Song:   Boom
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[Lil Wayne talking]
Yeah... Tell Em... Yeah...

[Lil Wayne]
Weezy bad, nah really I'm good
Sound like a T-Rex, live under my hood
Dadda know the tec, live under my seat
Put you in the ground, now you live under my feet
All white diamonds, on the front of my teeth
And you better put the 'O' in front of my 'G'
The bullshit they talkin, doesn't come to my knee
I'm like a linebacker, don't run it by me
My two best friends, will accompany me
And right now, they're in my dunagree sleep
One named Mack, one named Nina
They hit you, make you do the Mackarina
Where ya tool, you gon' need it like a mu' fucker
And I am so New Orleans, like a mu' fucker
It's Young Money, and we eatin get ya own supper
Make me go off in the trunk, and get that Bone Crusher

Tec's, AK's, I leave the scene ugly
Chest, head, face, arm, leg, stomach
I never been afraid, I aint scared of nuttin
Cuz I got my thang, my thang, my thang
And that bitch go, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom
You here them guns like, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom

[Lil Wayne]
Yeah, they like the way I ball, they call me Hot Sauce
They know I keep that toaster, you can be my pop tart
I never had height, but boy, I got heart
And I aint gotta speak, I just let my car talk
I got more clips, then any movie you've saw
I pull up on you like I need some gray poupon
Hard hat? no, but I got the tool on
And you should be my paper, if ever the tools drawn
Flow retarded when I spit, I get my drool on
I don't rap, I just shit, like a newborn
I don't write, I just spit, like a tooth gone
So tell them haters to cut it out, like a coupon
How come that chopper sound like a new bomb?
Little nigga gotta hold that bitch, with two arms
I got dat heat, da fire, and the luke warm
I'm on ya heels, like a shoe horn