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Artist: Lil Wayne
Album:  The Drought is Over
Song:   Live From the 504
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[Verse 1]
Live from the five hundred and four
It's Mr. Crazy flow, jumpin' like a bunjinal rope
Even in the dungeon I glow, even if it ain't sunny I glow
If it ain't 'bout money I go, no where I nail to the flo'
Money controls where I go, it is the sail to my boat
And it's goin' down, it's goin' down, like there's a whale in the boat
See you can smell that I smoke, and yup, I sip that lean
You hit me with that combination, it make my eyes bleed
I'm a shark in the water, yeah I swim with the big
So I don't have time to deal with Willy The Squid
L-L-Lilly pad niggas, L-L-Look at the monster
Y-Y-You don't wanna crash like LaLaLaBamba
See it's me Ronna and Terry and my new drop is very
Watermelon plum, just call it fruit punch
I'm a old rapper, gettin' new bucks
And all you new rappers, you're just new lunch
Flow sick, so sick, need a Doc yes
A creature, monster, like the Locness
I gets hotter by the top, before I sizzle to death
I just tell the clock gimme a sec
In the middle of the war, where my enemy at
I'm runnin' this bitch like Eric The Enemy Back
Cause everytime I hear the track I'm like a energy pack
The intruments are crying out, where the sympathy at?
Yeah, if you ran the money baby, him'll be back
Whatever legends look like, bitch i finner be that
I walk right in Hip-Hop like where my dinner be at?
I ate that and I was like, where my dinner be at?
I hate that women lie, so I lie to them back
Got two bitches in my pants, quiet nod to them back
A lot of bitches want dick, I give alot of them that
Let's do a pill, I could fuck you for an hour with that
And to the kids, drugs kill, I'm a knowledge in that
But when I'm on the drug, I don't have a problem with that
And my niggas got guns the size of tallers biatch
And we aimin' right at your fuckin collar biatch, Pow!