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Artist: Lil Wayne
Album:  Dedication 4
Song:   Wish You Would
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Lil Wayne]
(Aiyyo Weezy, pop that Trukfit)
I'm lookin up at heaven, hoping my niggaz made it
While I'm tryin to get them demons, out of my demonstration
I'm like fuckin right I'm flexin on these pancake-ass niggaz
These niggaz must be nuts, I castrate these niggaz - pause
Then she stuck out her tongue
Well since you act like a dog, I'ma fuck you like one
I got this Tec in my drawers, and I murder for fun
Man all these niggaz the same, it's like we watchin reruns
And I am salt in the wound, I am soap in your eye
These bitches thinkin they fly, I tell 'em roaches can fly
Even at my low bitch I'm high, I'm tryin to stay focused I'm fine
But if I crack one of these niggaz like a glow stick he shine
But it's Trukfit skate or die, them bitches wastin my time
And when they ask me where I'm from I say the great state of mind
OK that loud got me stanky, that lean got me cranky
They tell me think it over over and I end up over-thinking

Cause I don't know how fake feel nigga
Cause all my life I've been a real nigga
Yeah all my life I've been a real nigga
Kidnap yo' wife, fuck her and still kill her
Yeah - and I don't wanna take pills nigga
But it's either that or take chances nigga
Run up on you, click-clack: pay yo' taxes nigga
We 'bout that action, these niggaz action figures

Uhh~! Young Money on another level
I like her pussy tighter than my fuckin schedule
Man I love hitting yo' bitch like a lucky seven
I'm running this shit, you niggaz runnin errands
Money ain't shit to me
I smoke all these niggaz, call it +Nigatine+
Yellowbone pussy, uh, lemon squeeze
I ain't too proud to beg, so nigga please!
Fake ass, bitch ass, you faker than yo' bitch ass
We good, bitch bad; fat mouth, slim chance
I see you niggaz hatin, wit'cha hatin ass
I'm just lightin up, like laser tag
Chopper clips is too long
Send you back to where you came from
Yeah - pussy niggaz get banged up
I wish you would give a name up
I wish you would nigga, I wish you would nigga
They find yo' motherfuckin body in the woods nigga
We on that good nigga, we ain't no good niggaz
You niggaz stand under me, understood nigga?
D4 {*echoes*}