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Artist: Lil Wayne f/ Flo
Album:  Dedication 4
Song:   Magic
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

+Dedication 4+ - Drumatic nigga!
Tune and dro

Ah! Pop another percocet
My flow is retarded, I think I got a birth defect
Highway to heaven, BOW! Where the fuck the chauffeur at?
These niggaz softer than the pillows on my sofa set
I'm fightin myself cause I don't see no competition
I don't write, I draw that pistol, make your face a composition
So please walk away before we stomp yo' ass
Everyday is Halloween and you can get yo' +Pumpkin Smashed+
The ones you think your friends is really your haters
So just do me a favor, and don't do me no favors
All I need is a blunt and a cup of purple
I put this together I coulda been a construction worker
Niggaz looking funny, well I'm just gettin blunted
And everybody's wonderin if I'm really with Young Money
Well is a pig pussy pork? Do bears be shittin
in the woods and wipe they ass with a rabbit when they finish?
Turn my swagger super mean, but my bitches bad too
And my flag bright red but my Lord tab blue, oop!
Isn't it ironic I tell Tunechi pass the chronic
Purple syrup, yellow Fanta, you can call it Magic Johnson

[Lil Wayne]
Gone off the shrooms, I'm stoned like tomb
Bitch, I do what "I do" like the groom
Looking death in the eyes, kissin fear on the lips
I'm so faded my nigga I'm bout to disappear in this bitch
Like - poof, there go my roof, pow, there go my hammer
Come around here stuntin, get +Jack+ like +O'Lantern+
Two times for them haters, head shots for them snitches
If the best things in life are free, then why the fuck we pay attention?
Uhh pockets on Neimans, I go dumb on dental dust
Two many pills, too many blunts, two bitches named such-and-such
It's Young Money we out'chea, we turnt up, 'bout that life
My pockets fat like Jack Black, if I go broke, I'ma jack whites
My bitch bad as fuck nigga, my goons bout that trigger play
Merc one of these soft niggaz, now I'm in court for a pillow case
This is the +Magic+ show but Tune ain't no trick hoe
Fuck niggaz no Chris Stokes, it's me flow, D fo'
Fishtailin out the parking lot like salmon
She swallowed all my kids, bitch we coulda had a family
The way I make the purp' disappear it straight vanish
Smoke fire, spit fire, +Puff the Magic Dragon+

+D4+ hoe
Future fuck with me!