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Artist: Lil Wayne f/ Boo
Album:  Dedication 4
Song:   Amen
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Lil Wayne]
Ay whassup wit'chall niggaz?
Yeah... Gangsta Grillz you bastards!

Now there's a couple married bitches in the building - fucked them
I get that mouth I get that pussy - the end
I see you niggaz got no life - +The Sixth Sense+
She said she wanna fuck my brains out but she gon' have to suck this dick
firrrrrst! Preach, fuckin right I'm geeked
She sat on my dick, she sat on my face, I told that bitch she got good seats
Man, these niggaz softer than fleece, shoot these niggaz in they obliques
You talkin shit, I knock you out, now go ahead and talk in yo' sleep
Yeah - bitch you know the motto! It's Young Money over hoes
Lyin to these bitches, they call my dick Pinnochio
Gettin to the money, now the money gettin to me
She say my ver-dict, is hung like a jury
I'm on the track, DOA, some of these niggaz be DEA
Money tall, NBA, broke niggaz, SMH
Hit it like Canseco while she tell you "No way Jose~!"
I got her all that white, what you call that? O-KKK!
Every night, I go hard she blow me like Boston George
She like it in her ass, mouth and pussy - three car garage
These niggaz is false alarms, they don't mean no fuckin harm
Hey baby let's make a porn! Ba-bum! Devil horns
Huh, uou know that I ain't got no ceilings!
The money changed me, I'm makin +Chamillions+
Only God can judge me, can't appeal it
In the name of the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit
Amen! And tell them alphabet boys it's a "G" thing
I've got a street sweeper, do you need your street cleaned?
Young Money bitch! We colder than a ski team
Red beam, if you scared, motherfucker go to church!
Preach! Security breach
I'm on that grass harder than cleats, I'm on that gas, and y'all on E
Nigga my cash out of your reach, I run shit like the reverend
She get on her knees and pray to this dick, then swallow all of them blessings
Church! Yo Boo!

Just our a way of life
Bought my momma a crib, bought my daddy a car
Let 'em both meet Tune, now they think I'm a star
Damn I love this life, wouldn't trade it for nuttin
Most theses rappers is fallin cause they ain't standin for nothin
I smoke that loud, so I don't hear haters talkin
Plus these bitches be stalkin, tryin to look for a fortune
In the Chi we say church, when that pussy get purchased
Got a bitch so bad she make a player get nervous
Now good ain't good enough, and my hood is hood as fuck
I be prayin for them shorties trynin to get their dollars up
Swag so dope, you probably think I'm dealin
and I only give head if baby girl swallow children
Boo ain't got a ghost well bitches still catch the Holy Ghost
She wanna get high; I hit her with that overdose
Pimpin so cold, put that on my overcoat
Only ride foreign, we don't do hundred spokes
You broke niggaz talk that's a hundred jokes
Ha! Laughin at you fuck boys
Skate gear, I'm a truck boy
On my truck swag, I don't give a fuck boy