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Artist: Lil Wayne & DJ Drama f/ Chance the Rapper
Album:  Dedication 5
Song:   You Song
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: DJ Drama]
Shoutout to Chi-Town!
Dedication 5, since '05!
Know that! {"GANGSTA!"}

[Chance the Rapper]
You feel like Kool-Aid in a wine glass, wit'cho fine ass
You fine as two grapes gettin' stomped out by a giant cask
You the best dressed with ya breasts showin'
Like a salad, no dressing; take ya to ya favorite restaurant
Ask for the bread then fuck in the restroom
They don't ask for a pass when yo ass waltz in my dress room
You the best bride and I'm the best groom
Wedding presents got my best man at the Best Buy buyin' the best of Fresh Prince for the bedroom
I'm a buy a summer house, with a rec room
And a car with no backseat and some leg room
And some strawberries and some chocolate and a fridge and some broccoli
Cause I know you like vegetables even though I don't
I won't say, I won't eat it if you chef it
Fuck it, I'll hire Geoffrey to get a beverage if you should ever get parched
You feel like Ruby Dee to me, great and powerful Ossie
Who's behind the man behind the curtain? Foxy
Coffee, brown as the bosom I flew in on
Nose round like the wheels that my rims spin on
Lips full like the light on the dash was flickin', oh wait it wasn't
Oh and I forgot I'll take a microwaver oven
So we could kick the butler out and we can make a muffin
Maybe bake a dozen
My homeboy like yo sister, maybe they can bake some cousins, ooh isn't that sweet?
You feel like Kool-Aid in a wine glass

[Chorus 4X: Chance the Rapper - singing]
This is not a love song, this is a you song
I just happen to love ya

[Lil Wayne]
Uhh, give you the world if it was for me
My diamond grill make it hard to see I'm lyin' through my teeth
And now I'm flyin' on my PJ, lookin' at the clouds
Thinkin' about yo ass and how it look like a big smile
I get mental flashbacks of your ass crack, lemme get back on track
You say I act like I don't miss you, that's because I don't act
But anyway, we can role play or get straight to it
Sorry, my mind in the gutter, better yet sewer
And when you say "I love you", I stutter "I-I love you too"
It's Wayne's World, she say "What is this world comin' to?"
And she know me and whoever together, she hope we comin' loose
She told me that if she ain't the one, she gon' throw up the deuce
I laughed at her, we took a bath together and splashed each other
Then she got serious and said "Tune, I gotta ask you somethin'
Do you really love me?" I tried to change the subject
So I said some crazy shit to her like..
"What if you and I were just letters?
That'd be unfortunate we'd have to rob a fortune teller
But I swear I think I love you, fingers crossed in my pocket
Okay that's a dead subject, you bring it up, that's a zombie
You remind me of, my memory ain't what it used to be"
She said she ain't trippin', I know because I move my feet
And when she figure out that she been swindled
I'll be cleanin' that love bird shit off of my window
I-I love you too

[Chorus] - 1.5X

[Lil Wayne - over Chorus]
I mean how many times, h-how many times I gotta
How many times I gotta say it for it to count?
Are you countin'?
I loved the pictures, I needed that, I swear I did
I was just thinkin' about you when you sent them too
You don't believe me? I know
D5, whattup five? I-I love you too, I do