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Artist: Lil Wayne & DJ Drama f/ Gudda Gudda
Album:  Dedication 5
Song:   Devastation
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Gudda Gudda]
Uhh.. Gud! Uhh

[Chorus: Gudda Gudda]
I'm a eastside nigga but my homies from Uptown
I'm a eastside nigga but my homies from Uptown
I'm a - eastside nigga...

[Gudda Gudda]
I got the .223 cocked, I point it at yo melon
Loose lips sink ships so ain't no motherfuckin' tellin'
I'm a eastside nigga but my homies from Uptown
Gas up the minivan, put the pumps in the trunk
Now I be sippin' on somethin', they got me tilt to the side
All black ski mask, red chinese eyes
Now I've been home for years, I'ma take yo plate
I’ma eat yo steak, dead in yo face
I woke, I woke up on a mission, I got two women I ride with
One named Nina and that yopper my side bitch
We size niggas up so wisely choose who you side with
Got somethin' on my side that pack a kick -- that's my sidekick
I'm about that paper, roll the dice and get paid
And they can't bite the hand I'm feedin' with, I'm holdin' grenades
So I'ma talk my shit, I'ma live my life
I'ma nail yo girl, shit I did that twice - Gudda!

[Chorus: Gudda Gudda]
I'm a, I'm a eastside nigga..
I'm, I'm a eastside nigga but my homies from Uptown
I'm a - eastside nigga, but-but my homies from...

[Lil Wayne]
Money don't make itself, these niggas gon' make me kill 'em
I should probably see a shrink but I'm afraid he'll make me little
I've been a beast since I could remember, I got too many hoes, that's my dilemma
Chop yo, fuckin', head, off, and put it on the front of my car like the emblem - get 'em
I got Mike Banger on the beat, I got this banger on display
I just test drove a new Lamborghini and got a A
Got a billion bitches, I'm lookin' for the one that got away
And since all these niggas watchin', ask them for the time of day
Uhh, fuck y'all niggas I'm skatin', got yo hoe at the skate park waitin'
That dick keep her comin' back, motherfuckin' reincarnation
I don't want that pussy if it's spacious, just give me fellatio
My bitch named Gigi give me head, I be like "Goodness gracious, fuck~!"
Hi, my name is Tune, it's nice to eat ya
Yeah, I still keep that gun like a secret
Another one bites the dust, would you like to eat it?
Boy I have the people lookin' for you like a reason, uh
You don't want to hit my blunt cause I been eatin' pussy all day
This gun got a hair trigger, I pull this bitch 'til it's bald head
You ain't got no bars nigga, recharge, you goin' dead
Can't kill me, I was born dead, crown of thorns head
Devil horns red, have my barn head
I'm a serial killer, yo lucky charm dead
And that trash bag, they find you arm, leg, leg, leg, arm, head
Oh what a tangled web we weave, I feel like daddy long legs
Hop out that Ferrari Spider for my boys at Rikers and all my lifers
My bitch say my dick is great but I make her say it like Tony the Tiger
I own a rifle and I'm on the edge, I bop bop and I'm ridin off
I'm devastation, I'm Freddy, Jason, "Dedication 5", five stars
Tunechi - whattup five?