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Artist: Lil Wayne & DJ Drama f/ Boo
Album:  Dedication 5
Song:   Bugatti
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Lil Wayne]
Microphone check {"Mike WiLL Made-It"}
I still don't hear my, oh yeah I do, yeah I do
Ah, ah.. uhh {"EarDrummers"}

[Chorus: Lil Wayne]
Don't be lookin' for no donaaaations
You get dick, then reservaaaations
I get pussy then hibernaaaation
I start humpin' soon as I waaaake up
I woke up in some new punani!
Yeah, he woke up bleedin' like "Who shot me?"
Yeah, I kept shootin', Boo said "You got 'em"
Now all we gotta do is get rid of the body
But anyway - I woke up in some new punani!

[Lil Wayne]
I was drunk as a bitch, drunk as a bitch but not drunk as that bitch
I got in that shit, acted donkey in it, junk in her trunk, hope my trunk key can fit
Then she jumped on my dick like a monkey and shit, monkey see, monkey do, banana clips
Shoot at them niggas, no camera glitch, wax that ass, no candle stick
And I run with some killers, I eat with the mob, got some shit built up, I keep it inside
Red in my eyes, Mount Everest high, look dead in my eyes, see death in my eyes
The TEC on my thigh and my aim so good, I could shoot a fly or a bull in the eye
Hold up, all bullshit aside, a nigga almost died but I'm out'chea
Fuck around with a real nigga and get murked
I been paid my dues, will I get reimbursed?
Love it when she make faces, pussy feel like vacation
Eat it like I'm dyin' of starvation, I'm at the finish line, her heart racin'
Give her to Fuke if she Caucasian, my niggas wild as Jumanji
You can call me an S.O.B cause it's Skateboards Over Bugattis
I used to be at them Heat games with better seats than Pat Riley
Don't stop, pop that don't stop, pop that Ollie - Tunechi

Sippin' on dumb, puffin' a J, met her tonight, fuck her today
You tuck her away, I'm fuckin' her face, wine head, she's guzzlin' grapes (hah)
Back shots, I'm holdin' her waist, freaky, I always freak (freak!)
You know Tune my bro (Tune!) but he ain't tryna meet ya (uh-uh)
Just bring your friend, both of us'll eat her (shit!)
Hater niggas be hungry, got a hundred shots to feed 'em (bow!)
Her panties are down, her legs is up, we finally fucked, she starved for months
Don't give a fuck, still'll hit, never no feelings, no love for these hoes
No flowers, we're simple, we fucked in the Rolls, hahah
No flowers, we're simple, we fucked in the Rolls, Royce - trick!
Now they mad, I told they was, bitches'll be lyin', I did the same
Far from a square, don't mistake me for lame, she's suckin' me off, I'm pokin' her brain
She tell me keep goin', I'm doin' my thing, that pussy so wet, I'm callin' it rain
I'm givin' her hundreds, she's keeping my change, I keep it a hundred, you do the same
Most women front, but who do you blame? I gave you dick, you gave me pussy
It's safe to say it's an even exchange - bitch!

[Chorus: Lil Wayne]
Don't be givin' out informaaaation
You know niggas still on probaaaation
I get higher than expectaaaations
You know this is the Dedicaaaation
I'm on that kush, she on that molly!
Yeah, I turn that pussy to Dasani
Yeah, shout out my nigga Luca Brasi
I don't know this hoe so I must dash, no disguises
Tunechi, I had to "Dedication 5" it

[Wayne] Uhh! Whattup five?