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Artist: Lil Wayne f/ Travis Scott
Album:  Tha Carter V
Song:   Let It Fly
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[Chorus: Travis Scott]
Fly (fly, fly, fly, fly)
Let it fly (let it fly, let it fly)
Let it fly like the birds in the sky
Hotter than the weather in July
I done did so much I can't decide
Word word to my guys
She just get so wet, I slip and slide
Had to get it back to give 'em five
I, I, I

[Travis Scott]
Yeah, it's Mr. Michael Myers man (Michael Myers)
Word to Moneybagg, I keep it comin in (woo woo)
By the way we work you'd think I had a twin (twin)
I'm tryna run the game, it ain't no subbin in (naw)
You can't phase me, slidin from a dangerous life (it's lit!)
Always down to ball, I'm tryna drain these nights
See the smoke clouds through the entertainment lights
The way it go down we takin fours and keepin doors tight (yeah yeah!)
We at the top, end of discussion (discussion)
We mixin alcohol and that 'tussin
The demon in they eyes and they clutchin (scared)
I feed 'em Adderall and they bustin, yeah (pew, pew, pew)
I kept the towel, not throwin in
I'm ridin 'round in my ends, I got a driver for the Bent'
to drive me 'round when I'm bent, I keep some pussy just to lick
They help me out when I vent, she wanna hear that shit again
Nah (brr brr... brr brr)
That's the phone call when my blood ring
It's "Tha Carter V", let the thugs sing (thugs)

[Chorus: Travis Scott]
Let it fly (brr, fly)
Let it fly like the birds in the sky (brr brr)
Hotter than the weather in July (brr brr)
I done did so much I can't decide (it's lit)
Word word to my guys (yeah)
She just get so wet, I slip and slide (splash)
Had to give it back to give 'em five
I, I, I

[Lil Wayne]
It's alive, it's alive, I'm revived
It's C5, been arrived, kiss the sky, did the time
Please advise it is advised to be advised, and we advise
you not fuck with me and mine, and keep in mind that we don't mind
losin our minds, free your mind, read your mind, read your mind
Body take a week to find, the cops gon' be like, "Never mind"
What's on your mind? Put the pistol to your mind and blow your mind
Control your mind, mindfreak, no sober mind, I'm so behind
But front line, you crossed the line, and you better know your lines
And if you gettin out of line, I hang you with a clothing line
Wring you like an open line, keep your stanky hoe in line
Them hoes be lyin, it's a thin line, I know you know the line
Second line, second line, Tunechi got effective lines
Rough edges like a box of Checkers fries, that's a line
Catch the line, American flag, less stars, extra lines
Stretch the line, skip the line 'til you no more next in line
Yeah, Tunechi-Tune a lunatic, my goonie-goons the gooniest
Run inside your room and kill you and who you roomin with
The Uzi with the booty clip, more than one, I'm too-equipped
Talkin 'bout some fake niggaz based on true events
Tryin not to get pinched, smokin on a stupid stench
Lookin in the mirror tryin to figure where my pupils went
Flashy with a bougie bitch, Travy, that's my hooligan (it's lit)
Take the T off Tunechi and look at it as the crucifix, bitch

[Outro: Lil Wayne] + (Travis Scott)
C5, best rapper alive
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
(Let it fly, let it fly...)