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Artist: Lil Wayne
Album:  Tha Carter IV
Song:   President Carter
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{*lighter flicked, weed inhaled*}

[Lil Wayne]
God bless America...

{Intro: sampled from Jimmy Carter's "Inaugural Address"]
"Carter are you prepared to take the constitutional oath?"
  "I am"
"Would you place your left hand on the Bible and raise your right hand and
repeat after me"

[Chorus: sampled from Jimmy Carter's "Inaugural Address"]
"President Carter"
"Pre-President Carter"
"President Carter"
"Pre-President Carter"
"President Carter"
"Pre-President Carter"
"President Carter"
"Pre-President Carter"

[Lil Wayne]
Sitting on the world, I got life in my hand
So these days I try to think twice when I can
Money on my mind as God as my witness
Love don't live here and it don't even visit
I do this for my Uptown politicians
Walked in the kitchen and found a pot to piss in
Niggaz ain't satisfied until they mama missin
Niggaz ain't satisfied until they mama miss em
Uhh, I'm a monster, exorcisms
Tote tools like mechanics, mechanisms
Uhh, detrimental on any instrumental
I say you rappers sweet, I pay the incidentals
I'm beneficial, I've been official
I say you rappers sweet, tiramisu
Haha~! I like my short cake shorter
Ain't no motherfucker harder than ("I...")

[Chorus w/ Wayne ad-libs: 2X]

[Lil Wayne]
Nobody gives you a chance, you gotta take chances
Ya family tree, I will break branches
Cause I don't give a fuck, I put the ass in assassin
Smoke you like a blunt then it's ashes to ashes
The future is born, put the past in the casket
If real shit is dead then nigga I'm a bastard
Uhh, appetite for disaster
I want a full plate then another plate after
Uhh, yesterday just died
Tomorrow never cried, the days of our lives
When shit get deep I'm never afraid to dive
Let the money pile up and until I'm buried alive
Ask, "Who the fuck want it?" I bring it to your doorbell
Have niggaz in ya yard like a yard sale
Smokin weed, gettin head in the oval office
I changed the stars on the flag into crosses ("I...")

[Chorus w/ Wayne ad-libs: 2X]

[Lil Wayne - talking over Chorus]
Aye man...
So now...
Instead of pledge, we pray

[Lil Wayne]
Ya dead to me, brown grass nigga
I just stand still and let the ground pass nigga
Bullshit for lunch, brown bag nigga
Reality's a bitch and I'ma dance with her
140 pounds, 5'6" from the ground
Bitch I'm in the building you ain't even in the lounge
I tried to fuck the world and couldn't even get aroused
I ain't lookin for the beef but I ain't seen it in a while
Uhh, and we all want world peace
Murder show, I gave yo' ass good seats
Shieet, I'm much more than a good speech
{*clears throat*}

[Outro: unknown speaker]
Gorillas in suits
The holy war, the spiritual troops
Fightin over the mythical truth
Drownin in the political soup
Aha! They shoot missiles and nukes
Takin out such a pivotal group
The body count is the physical proof
And they thought drugs were killin the youth
Thank you, thank you all {*echoes*}

I am President Carter! {*echoes*}