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Artist: Lil Wayne
Album:  Tha Carter IV
Song:   I Like the View
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro/Chorus: Lil Wayne]
I stepped on a flower, foot on the petal/pedal
Good wasn't home, so I settled for better
I'm on my way to get it, but get it got shot
So I guess I gotta work with the little bit I got
Now I'm like "Heyyyy~! I like the view from here"
I'm so high I can't see you from here
Both eyes on the money, it's lookin back at me
Man, these bitches just lookin for a daddy
Pussy and problems, can't live without 'em
The weed too loud, turn up the volume
Richer than a bitch, but I can't buy tomorrow
That's why I go hard ho (That's why I go hard ho)

[Lil Wayne]
God bless the world, and most people in it
It's anybody's game, but nobody's winnin
Mona Lisa smile, that bitch barely grinnin
Take you off the face of the Earth like a blemish
We went from +Boyz+ to menace, Menace II Society
Now we get higher/hi-ya, call that shit karate
Blame it on the money, the money is the bad guy
Smoke so much good, I don't even have a bad side
Yeah, I got a pussy hangover
Bitches eat me up like my name is Russell Stover
Murder the perception, make 'em get it right
If I'm flirtin with affection, I'm fuckin her tonight
I'm a Southerner's delight, Louisiana pride
The belly of the beast, it ate me alive
Tell them bitches they'll never take me alive
And today I took a walk outside


[Lil Wayne]
Uhh, and we all kiss our mommas
Cause promises are broken but tomorrow is a promise
Think I'm gettin sick I'm feelin ill-legal
And not havin money is the root of all evil
Life is a midget, so try to live it up
It's Dr. Carter bitch, I got this shit nipped and tucked
If these walls could talk, they'd probably won't shut up
I need some wallpaper, before they start to fuss
Yeah! Pick up the phone and call your bluff
Call Mitchell Carmone, now my pockets all buff
I don't think about the future, it comes soon enough
Motherfucker I don't shoot you, bitch I shoot you up
I ain't ride with these niggaz, I don't like these niggaz
I just roll another joint, like Spike Lee nigga
When I woke up this mornin, got the coal out my eyes
And then I took a walk outside


[Outro: Lil Wayne]
Stop playin!
Run up in your fuckin mouth, nigga!!
Yeah, I'm beside myself
So that make two of me