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Artist: Lil' Italy f/ Master P
Album:  On Top of Da World
Song:   Come and Get It
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I said you drink whisky and you cuss
I smoke shit called angeldust
I said peter peter pussyeater
Had a .................

(Lil Italy talking)
Hold up Hold up Hold up
Man stop this shit man who playing this shit man?
Putting some of that dirty dirty on nigga!

Hoody Hoo!

Come and get it
Go and get it
Come and get it

(Master P)
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I'm a thug that enough
Are you ready for the real
Lately I got 10 g's let's go have some fun and kill
That's that fire that makes them dope fiends tweek
And when you run out don't hesitate to beak
You got beef then I'm in it
I told you it was no limit
We started this we beginning
Fuck them niggas and I'll finish it
Now holla if you with me
Tell them hoes come and get me
I better have my business
Tell the fed's there ain't no witness
Just a bunch a niggas lying around the first of the month
Getting paid getting high off of weed and blunt
That's how we ball from the south to the bay we don't play
Riding dirty with tray
Hush or you lay
A million we will make
Independent to this day
Sixty platinums in the plate
And I a thug till I break

(Chorus/Lil Italy)
If you want it enough come and get it (come and get it)
If your hungry enough go and getit (go and get it)
If it make you feel good come and get it (come and get it)

Come and get it (15x's)

(Lil Italy)
Don't try to watch us
Me and my dogs keep it locked
Don'y try to pop
Me and my dogs gonna pop
Now if it ever came down to it
No matter the situation is my nagga I'm a do it run through it
It's the other side that blew it fuck the questions maybe you knew it
Oh shit he's got a strap in his hands does he know what to do with it
Well yet and still you gots tokill for there's much to kill
Hands to experience been caught up in a raw deal
Flex my weight
From cans of beans to potato and steak
In got hungry and couldn't wait to demonstrate
Oh sucky now
You ain't fucking with a rookie now
Check therecords to see how many patterns that fell down
See I got hungry enough to go get it
Cuz my family was doing bad
Who without it


Damn that beats by the pound I want the whole enchilada
He don't need no ambulance God knows he don't need no doctor
Dig a deep enough hole and throw his body right in it
And they pay us to send a message and we gonna damn sure send it
It's the X-files top priority risk
Cuz you might see out of that type shit
From hoeing to jacking to macking (macking)
Dealing to looting that's really what's happening
Player don't know nothing about getting his hands dirty
Up early in the morning cooking chicks to birdies
No sense to no dollars ( no dollars )
Nohustle than why bother? Huh?

Chorus 2x's