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Artist: Lil' Mama f/ Chris Brown, T-Pain
Album:  VYP: Voice of the Young People
Song:   Shawty Get Loose
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{Greatness plus greatness, equals great greatness}
[Lil' Mama - Intro]
The way we get loose, we move our shoul-ders
For-ward, heads back
Get it in +Control+ like Janet Jack
Get it on the flo', let 'em know what's happenin
L-I-L, you better ask somebody
I been on my grind since butt touch potty
Y'all don't really want it with the young hot toddler
Wit a flo' so spec like techno-lotta
It's, so sick, how the clock go tick
Keep givin y'all hits like techmatic
UH! It's the reason why I spit it how I spit it
When I spit, it's like mucus - gotta get rid of it
These chicks don't pop like me
Uncompatable girl, no comparin me
AND, ain't none of y'all scarin me
Like "Don't Cha" wish ya girl was as bad as me - YEAH
Wit a flow so sick like Twista's
So sweet, but could be cold like a mystic
Instincts come so smooth like what is it?
BK, H-dub ours like a wizard
[Chorus: Chris Brown]
Shawty get loose - baby do what you do
lemme see you let down yo' hurrrr
Shawty get loose - hit the dance floor and act
like there's nobody else in hurrrrr
Shawty get loose - Krump, clown
Break it on down, baby do your thang
Shawty get loose - P-H-A-T phat
Baby, I ain't even know you can break it down like that
Dat, dat, dat (WALK, WALK, SET, SET, ROW, ROW, then you)
Dat-dat-dat, dat, dat (WALK, WALK, SET, SET, ROW, ROW, then you)
Dat, dat, dat, dat (WALK, WALK, SET, SET, ROW, ROW, then you)
Dat-dat-dat, dat, dat, dat (WALK, WALK, SET, SET, ROW, ROW, then you)
What it do (do), Teddy to the Piz-ayne (Piz-ayne)
You already know (know), tell 'em I'm the miz-ayne (miz-ayne)
Shawty, yee ain't messin wit a lizz-ame
I'ma have you loose on the flo', you gon' be steppin wit a cizz-ane (cizz-ane)
I mind-boggle models wit a bottle of somethin good
I'll take 'em to the hood and have they ass goin insane
A hard rap artist that hang wit saingers
So don't thank that this thang is hard, 'cause homie it ain't
I'm LOOSE (loose) LOOSE - you gotta be kiddin me
You tellin me shawty right here can take her hair down
and do it like YOU (you) YOU
If all of this is true, you gotta show me what you do
Show me, now do it - 5, 4, 3,
2! (2!) 2; you know Pain came to change the game
All the way from the same thang to summa dat NEW (new) NEW
Impress me, I want ONE person on this flo' to try and test me
Now shawty get loose!
[Lil' Mama - repeat 2X]
In the crib, in the club, in the block, it don't matter
It-it don't, it-it-it, it don't matter
In the crib, in the club, in the block, it don't matter
I spit stats - 4, 5, 6, I do da-data
How she do, di-di-di-dat like dat?
Got the hood on the back and her pockets is fat 
Still rollin, rollin -left (left) right (right)
Shot callin, callin - that's (that's) right (right)
'Cause my team on the market, famila we 'bout to pop it
Lock, drop and roll like a hip-hop rock show
You never know where my mind gon' go
N-n-NOT Puerto Rican but I like mangoes
So smooth on the danceflo' (So prove on the dance flo')
When you see me comin I'm runnin it like a game show
You ain't know, Lil' Mama go
She be runnin and poppin it, hit you wit the bust flow
So get loose on the flo' and I cannot stop