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Artist: Lil' Kim f/ Denaun Porter
Album:  The Naked Truth
Song:   Slippin
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[20 seconds of instrumental to open]

[Chorus: Denaun Porter - singing]
Now don't you know that they want to, catch you
Slippin with no protection
Lead you in the wrong direction
Every nigga around you is a reflection
Of you when you were at your lowest point in your life
Cause niggaz wanna catch you slippin
(Don't let 'em catch you slippin)
They wanna catch you slippin (you've been slippin, slippin)

[Lil' Kim]
No more Mrs. Nice Bitch
Niggaz done, flipped the script and got on some sheist shit
Sellin they soul when love is priceless
They kicked me when I was down and stuck in a crisis
I kept it all in and now I'm 'bout to erupt
Man, FUCK the law the whole system's corrupt
A street grudge put me in front of a judge
But I stood there like what, the Bee don't budge
It's a foul game, no such thing as fair play
And real niggaz get railroaded everyday
Words misconstrued and used against you
Then you get screwed when it's time to sentence you
World cavin in, it's a shitty sitch-i-ation
A year and a day, three years probation
Public humiliation, poor representation
Guilty by association


[Lil' Kim]
I'ma stand up type, grew up in the projects
And that's worth more than material objects
A lot of things when they know you got it
You a target, and now they tryin to get in the pockets
Lawsuits, lawyers prosecute for profit
Meanwhile the media promotin the gossip
I had to say it, cause I'm that real with it
You shinin like a star, then you gotta deal with it
And dudes pick to take these groupies to bed
Better watch it 'fore they write a book about like Superhead
Fuck 'em and leave 'em then they after your paper
Put a hole in the condom and say that you raped her
See you can be a rapper, athlete or an actor
Believe me, these devils find a way to get at'cha
All it takes is some green and your face on the screen
Fuck it, just say I took one for the team


[Lil' Kim]
In these streets you gotta sleep with one eye open
And watch for the snakes and the Jakes approachin
Cause it could be the ones that you laugh and joke wit
The ones you smoke wit, and sold your coke wit
I set you up for the right piece of change
And have your brains on the dashboard of the Range
Too often, I seen a nigga layin in the coffin
All cause some shit was blown out of proportion
Everywhere you go you gotta move with caution
Cause the rap game ain't much different than the crack game
It's the new hustle, gotta have brains and muscle
Get too much money and these haters wanna touch you
Now I can see why they all on me
Niggaz do dirty work, the shit fall on me
Not only do you gotta watch the boys in blue
But the niggaz in your crew you gotta watch them too