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Artist: Lil' Kim
Album:  The Naked Truth
Song:   I Know You See Me
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

"What you see, is what you get"

[Lil' Kim]
Ay - I know you see me on the screen now - riiight
I know you see me do my thing now - true
Tryin hard not to stare, actin like I wasn't there to you
Can you see me now?  Am I clear to you?
On the red carpet in Mark Jacob's clothes
You see me fashion week, front row at all the shows
In your favorite fashion magazine they feature the Queen
On the cover of Don Divas, doin spreads with Eva
When we walk down the street, dudes call us the covergirls
We stand out when we next to them other girls
I don't bend easy, budge or break
Trust me, ju don't want it with the female Scarface
Your girl come through twirlin in droptop 'Rossa
Me and my la familia like a "Goodfellas" poster
You see I'm somethin you never seen befo'
I know you see me cause I'm somethin that you came to know, ohh

[Chorus: Lil' Kim]
Dipped fresh, hoppin out of a Rolls
In the town, ballin out of control
V-V-S's set in platinum and gold
Standin room only, all of my shows
Applebottom bustin out of my jeans
On the screen with the man of your dreams
Front page of your new magazines
Ay show some love, papers stack, I'm the Queen bitch

[Lil' Kim]
And you should see me in the summertime, stretched out in one of my
droptops all you hip-hop bitches borderline
I'm livin off of your man, he supportin ma
you'd kill me if I give you the chance, bitch I was born to shine
While you on your grind I'm on, beachfront property
Thirty-eight snub nose, keep the snitches off of me
Look the rest of your life, ain't gon' find a bitch as raw as me
Grateful's what you oughta be, I heard somewhere it cost to be
the boss and I paid it, floss with the greatest
Ball outrageous the broad is amazin
In the 6, grippin woodgrain lane changin
You coach flyin hoes need boss bitch trainin
I'm muy caliente, sizzlin hot flame
In private planes to Spain and you barely maintainin
You ain't talkin millions you ain't speakin my language
The Queen of the game and can't a damn thing change it


[Kim singing]
What you see is, is what you get
Lil' Kim Queen Bee is real, as real can get
I'm a certified hustler, so cut that check
Raised in the streets of Brooklyn, what you expect?

[ad libs for 24 seconds]