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Artist: Lil' Kim f/ Lil' Cease, Snoop Dogg
Album:  How Many Licks (Promo) 12" *
Song:   How Many Licks (Remix)
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* apparently also on a DJ Clue "Hev E. Components Part 1" album

[Snoop] + (Lil' Kim)
Yeah (uhh)
Whassup baby? (uhh, uhh)
You wanna lick sum'in? (This, is, the, G-mix)
Don't be scared.. I don't bite
Lick sum'in, lick sum'in, lick sum'in (uhh)
Get ya lick on
(This, is, the, G-mix)

[Lil' Cease] + (Snoop)
(When I'm fuckin off gin I'm invincible)
Don't love no hoe (That's my principle)
Cause ahh.. (Bitches come)
And ahh.. (Bitches go)
That's why I get my nut and I be out the fuckin do'
Say knick, knack, give ya dog a bone
Which one of you broads Cease can take home
Cease is a freak, big brown and large
Fuck with the hoes, big light and tall
It take two to make the thing go right
Strip, flash, titties, ass
Oh, no, Cease-A-Leo baby
All up in that ass, you so crazy
I'm a freak from the heart and I'll fuck for y'all
And your mouth hit the spot where I rest my balls
I pimp to die, and my mob pimp for me
That's why Cease never eat chicks for free, you feel me?

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
How many, hot licks does it take?
Mami, how many hot licks does it take
(I don't know, I don't know, just keep on lickin it)
But how many, hot licks does it take?

[Snoop Dogg]
Break breakin a bitch
Take takin a bitch, to a whole 'nother level and shit
Man, I didn't really wanna take her there
Because, she kept on pullin on my underwear
I don't send for hoes, I pimp for hoes
I do this for dis and dose
"Figaro, Figaro.."
Nigga we got hoes, we got hoes.. we got hoes
Fo', five, six, seven.. licks
Now mami, lick it again
Eight, nine, ten, eleven.. twelve
Now tell all your friends
Bring Keisha, Evette, and Shamika too
Brandy and Sandy and lil' bitty Candy
And we doin this all night long
Get ya pick on lick on, and your proper freak on


[Lil' Kim]
(This is the G-mix)
Ladies and gentlemen, pimps and hoes
I'd like to present to you
(This is the G-mix)
The winner of the Gangstress of the Year Award
Introducin the Queeeeeeeen..

I don't need no introduction, they know who I be
Female mack with the gangsta rap
How many licks niggaz just not knowin
So a bitch like me don't stop flowin
My money green and it don't stop growin
Ice like the winter and it don't stop snowin
M.A.F.I.A., that's the crew that I bang for
Grew up in the hood now what the fuck I'm gon' change for
Vuitton sweaters wit leathers and amourettas
Berratas inside of but still nobody do it better
Huh, ya never seen this stroke of genius
Put the cleanest meanest lips on ya penis
It's like that once you lick the kitty cat
Niggaz don't know how to act, leavin diamonds in my ass crack
Now all my niggaz now, all my bitches now
C'mon like Nelly, c'mon take it down down

[Chorus] - repeat to fade