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Artist: Lil' Kim
Album:  Black Friday 12"
Song:   Black Friday (Nicki Minaj Diss)
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{*Excerpts from Angie Martinez Hot 97 interview with Nicki*}
[Angie Martinez]
It's funny 'cause you know when asking people what they wanted to know
I mean, clearly, you've been having this thing with Kim
And, I don't know just thinking about you and where you were from
And that you're a rapper and I'm thinking, sure I know things have gotten crazy
People are assuming even though you say it's not specifically about her
That Roman's Revenge is...

[Nicki Minaj]
Roman's Revenge?

[Angie Martinez]
Roman's Revenge is directed at her?

[Nicki Minaj]
You know, she just really jumped out the window
And, you gotta be careful when you pick fights
And that's what I've learned in this business, you just never know

[Intro: Lil' Kim]

[Verse One: Lil' Kim]
Who the fuck want war!!!
Fed-Ex beef straight to your front door
It'll be a murder scene
I'm turnin Pink Friday to Friday The 13th
Aight you Lil' Kim clone clown
All this buffoonery that shit stops now!!!
Time for you to lay down I'm sick of the fraud
I'll put hands on this bitch like a spa massage
We all know your last name is what got you your job
You's a put together gimmick somethin like a collage
Since you puttin on a show you 'gon get the applause
(CLAP CLAP) Lift your frame like a fuckin garage!!!
(YEAH!!!) This hood shit you and Drake ain't built fo'
This the shit the other bitch almost got killed fo'
I'm still countin what Hardcore generated
Bet my shit keeps spinnin like it's syndicated
Corny broad I'll leave you bloody like you menstruated
Your hot air ass bitch should've been deflated 
This ain't a championship fight I been the greatest
See the fact is what you doin I did it
Lames tryin to clone my style and run with it
That's cool I was the first one with it
You's a Lil' Kim wannabe you just hate to admit it
I'm the blueprint, you ain't nothin brand new
Check your posters and videos, you'll always be number two
I've seen 'em come, I've seen 'em go, still I remain
Sweetie you goin on your 14th minute of fame
I'm over ten years strong still runnin the game
Cut the comparisons I'm in the legendary lane
Fightin for a spot child please I'm solidified 
With my hands tied you couldn't beat me if you bitches tried
Either you're high or sippin that shit Wayne on
I get top dollar for whatever my name on
Go stick your head in a tornado, brainstorm
I drop bombs, Flex, napalms
Black and yellow, will pull up in your ghetto
Gisseppe's when I step out, posted up in stilettos
Pussy's so pink like my kitty's sayin hello
If I whistle they'll pistol whip you in all five boroughs
I'm from Brooklyn, I'll be everywhere comfortably
Now who pumped you and told you to come romp with me?
You the type to run your mouth and then run from me
I'm poppin off in your hood with no company
C'mon, Queens ain't showin you no love
I was there the other night poppin bottles with the thugs
You're like Washington heffer, I'm Benji
You got a buzz right now and I had a frenzy (Still do)
Oh yeah, welcome to the fam, Fendi
You need to stop, you're not hot, you're a burnin match
That means the end is near soon, copy that?
Ohh, I see they really got you gassed like I'm a thing of the past
Better slow down dummy, you 'bout to crash
Stink pussy hoe! I'm givin you a bath
The momma, the hand and I'm comin for yo' ass
Ha ha, who you think you gettin past?
I see +Right Thru You+, your whole shit is made of glass {*glass breaks*}

{*Nicki Minaj's "Right Thru Me" plays:
 "You see right through me, how do you do that?"*}

I draw back
I'm a Brooklyn thorough bitch, rep for my borough bitch
Never been the type to have beef and try to settle shit
I ride out 'til the wheels fall off
And my niggaz squeeze 'til the last shell go off
Fuck your whole team, all I see is a bunch of weirdos
You's a airhead bitch, scarecrow
Ha, ain't nothin old but my money bitch
Ha ha, this is grown liquid acid
"Benjamins" by Daddy you Young Money bastards
You and Diddy, sorry bunch of swagger jackers
I mothered you hoes, I should claim you on my income taxes
Bobby Fischer in the flesh, talk about a great
So on my next move, I'm yellin CHECKMATE!
{*sniffs*} I smell a massacre!
I'm Charles Manson, you don't stand a chance with her
Jeffrey Dahmer and you lookin like lunch to me
'Bout to kill all you bitches like Ted Bundy
Leave your whole head red like Peg Bundy
You're hilarious, thanks for all the laughs!
You're garbage, so I'm takin out the trash
You, shit on me? C'mon baby girl
Ain't enough ass shots in the world
You're a nuisance, you probably steal my new shit
But you could never fuck with me so chuck it up, deuces!
All around the world I ball like a ball team
I stack chips, call me Mrs. Rothstein
Trix is for kids Silly Rabbit, you're my offspring
Kim more anticipated than a LeBron ring... {*echoes*}

[Outro: Lil' Kim]
I mean, I know I know you guys ask me, if, Roman's Revenge was about Kim
And, no, it's, not about Kim, actually if Kim thought it was about her
I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry I apologize Kim, I, I don't know
I just temporary insanity, I lost my teeth and my mind
Oh, I, my mind and my teeth, my teeth get in the way of me... literally...