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Artist: Lil' Kim
Album:  Ms. G.O.A.T.
Song:   Miseducation of Queen Bee
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It's funny how money change the situation
You can talk greasy on the radio station
They hatin' cuz I'm the creation
My song spun in heavy rotation
Some wan' play Queen Bee like she dumb
I burn rappers like tannin' under the sun
Everything you did has already been done
I'm the first lady there's no comparison
Since the trail I've tried to avoid violence
But if they come test we run for me gun
Let the Bee buzz if you don't wanna get stung
Kim been this way since, day one
I fear none but my status will scare some
Haters keep makin' false accusations
Always got my name in they conversation
Disloyal fools I'm still the champion

You might win some but you just lost one (x9)

Now now my attitude's turned cold
Girls sell they soul just to have my flow
Like Keyshia Cole they just need to let it go
The game to be sold and not to be told
Wisdom I hold ‘til the youth gets old
To the hopeless now I'm on hope road
Dudes floss cash and they know they in debt
Never play the ho, Queen Bee be the pimp
Can't slick talk I done heard that shit
Can't lie to a liar I reverse that shit
I run the club called the Players Residence
I'm not only a client, I'm the president
Did the crime now the time you can't handle it
But ima play it out to it's full out extent
I came from the Stuy project tenement
Style wild like a child off punishment
About me everybody got opinions
A lot of rap chicks but I'm still number one
Must be prepared cuz the rain soon come
You might win some but you just lost one

You might win some but you just lost one (x5)