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Artist: Lil' Kim
Album:  Hardcore
Song:   Player Haters

*Sound of people talking in background*

Hater #1: Hey yo
Hater #2: Whatup, baby?
Hater #1: That little stink ass bitch, Kim, them little snake
          niggaz, man, I don't like that bitch
          I can't stand that bitch
Hater #2: Yeah, I see that bitch
Hater #1: That's my word yo, that's my word, son
          But yo, on the real though, the bitch do be havin
          some cheddah and the bitch be rockin some ice
          Know what I'm sayin?
Hater #2: I'm sayin, I see it
Hater #1: I be seein her floatin with little niggaz here now
          and then, know what I'm sayin?
Hater #2: What, them little bitch ass M.A.F.I.A. niggaz?
Hater #1: Yeah, them little faggot ass niggaz
Hater #2: Them niggaz pussy, kid
Hater #1: I swear to God, if I ever see them niggaz rollin down
          Gates Avenue I'm gonna lay one of em on the strength
          You know what I'm sayin, you know how we roll baby
Hater #2: No doubt
Hater #1: But, am, yo what's up, you wanna get this paper or what?
Hater #2: No doubt
Hater #1: Cause they, I'm sayin, I know they sweet
          You know what I'm sayin? You know how they get down
          Know what I'm sayin?
Hater #2: No doubt
Hater #1: I'ma hold them niggaz down, one a them niggaz move a
          inch, I'm lacin em straight up and down, I'm puttin one in
          they cabbage
Hater #2: No doubt let's make it happen, kid
Hater #1: Aight