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Artist: Lil' Kim f/ Keri Hilson
Album:  Black Friday Mixtape
Song:   Kimmy Girl
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Black Friday season... long awaited...
(Do the Kimmy Girl rock) Kimmy whattup baby?
(Do the Kimmy Girl rock) You know what it is...
What's my name?

[Lil' Kim]
My name is Kimmy, flyer than a Frisbee
Boys comin at me wanna see me in my mickies
Might do a little datin, like my girl Chili
But I'm already taken, married to Mr. Benji
Wetter than a river, sweeter than a Swisher
My Jimmy Chus cuter than the girl that's wit'cha
Everybody's starin, might as well take a picture
Mail to the haters, now sing it with me ladies

[Chorus: Keri Hilson]
All eyes on me when I walk in
No question that this girl's a ten
Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful {*2X*}
My walk, my talk, the way I drip
It's not my fault so please don't trip
Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful {*2X*}

[Lil' Kim]
It's only one QB, Bed-Stuy beauty
If looks was a killer, I'd probably be an uzi
They be hatin on me cause they men tryin to pursue me
I'm somethin exotic, she's hardly a cutie
I'm flyer than a G6, sweet like peaches
Bottom like an apple, I know you wanna eat it
He got a huge appetite and I'm the one to feed it
I'm Michael Jackson +Bad+, tell that other bitch to +Beat It+


[Lil' Kim]
CT, D.C., do the Kimmy Girl rock
Yeah, uhh
ATL and Miami, New York to L.A.
All my girls, let me hear you say
Ahh, uh-huh, do the Kimmy Girl rock
Yeah, uhh
All over the worrrrld, all over the worrrld
If I forgot y'all please don't be mad at me