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Artist: Lil' Keke f/ Devin the Dude, Paul Wall
Album:  Money Don't Sleep
Song:   Best Believe
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Shout out to Mr. 4-20, Devin the Dude
He a legend, shout out to Paul Wall the People's Champ
That's my brother, I am Don Ke the H-Town legend
Light one up

[Chorus: Devin the Dude]
Best believe I'm smoking, best believe I'm high
Shit will leave you choking, make us feel like we can fly
You know that I'm often hoping, that one day they will legalize it
Until that day comes, I be getting by

[Lil' Keke]
Everytime I smoke something, I wanna grab my keys and ride high
Let me turn my speakers up, so they can hear me good when I ride by
Ay best believe I'm on loud, choking on the best I'm so proud
All I see is that white cloud, flossing by in that L-Dog
Yeah how the hell I'ma turn down, when all these hoes is turned up
So much grass getting burned up, I want my check it's getting cut
Yeah can't wait till they legalize, high as fuck I got eagle eyes
Tell these niggaz I came to win, and I ain't gon' stop till I get the prize
Say I'm in my zone now, full of that kush it's on now
Roll a square light it up, puffing nothing but strong now
Oh best believe I'm fly high, smoke that shit I'm getting by
Black suit black glock, white cup nigga white tie


[Paul Wall]
I'm smoking California finest, and I'm drinking on that Texas tea
I'm praying that they legalize it, but until they do I'm on the creep
That back relief O.G. sack, sun roof cracked
Watching football smoking a baseball bat, playboy what you know bout that
DirecTV in my Cadillac, fo' screens on fo' different games
Intoxicated off indiga, my doctor say it cures migraines
Drank stains on my polo, yolo
Smelling like dodo, got a team full of bad bitches like molo
And best believe, the trip and stick in full effect
Shot of butter oil wax, high-tivities on deck

[Chorus - 2x]