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Artist: Lil' Keke f/ Devin the Dude 
Album:  Heart of a Hustla 
Song:   Get High 
Typed by: Lil Hustle 

O.G. Don Ke, the legend Devin the Dude 
Riding high, this for your mind man 
Brain food, (feeling like I always should) 

I ride, and get high 
I get by with the thangs I got, I smoke and I drink a lot 
But I try, to maintain 
And slow down, but I end up doing the same thang 

[Lil' Keke] 
I'm in the baking soda Benz, with the gold rag 
Just left the coffee shop, blowing on a whole bag 
I'm on some other shit, maintain and keep it hood 
Smoking California, riding by and feeling good 
You know that drank high, but niggaz still buy 
I'm on some money shit, reaching for the whole sky 
I'm in the lab, writing rhymes with a tall cup 
The speakers banging, the whole room fogged up 
Sour diesel in the morning, for my stress ways 
Get a sip of O.G., for my best days 
Cloud nine, on the stage homie start the show 
I hear them voices in my head, saying please let go 
Slow it down, put my habits on cruise control 
But I'm hustling, need something to sooth the soul 
Rest in peace, to them boys who got a lullaby 
God forgive me, I'm still here riding high 


[Devin the Dude] 
I creep you by death slow, I got weed in my whip so 
I'm constantly rolling and smoking, but I seldom slip though 
Inside fresh, like the plans for my future 
Don't have my hands on a ruger, I'm not a man that'll shoot ya 
I'd rather get the party crunk, fuck it bring the drinks in 
Call up some hoes, and hmm tell em bring friends 
Light up an inscent, but the weed gon' blast through 
Cause everybody got a different, kind of what have you 
We hitting it getting it in, shit's in the wind 
When you try to give up, somebody fire up again 
And you can't pretend, when the weight is on your shoulder 
And you start getting older, and feel you need to hold up 
You can grow up, but never grow old 
And let go, when you ain't having fun no mo' 
Nigga chill, better live until you die 
That's why, I'm riding high 


[Verse 3] 
Chasing down that money 
Days ain't always sunny, I get by 
Trying to stay in the zone 
In a lane on my own, I get high