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Artist: Lil' Eazy-E
Album:  True Crime: Streets of L.A. *
Song:   Consequences
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* in the actual video game, not on the accompanying CD soundtrack
My trigger finger itchin, snub nosed 38
Put on my black Nike's I'm bout to send yo ass to heavens gates
C-O-M-P-T-O-N fuck the police with no reason
Me and my momma can't conflict me I'm a man
I come from the land of the set trippin crips and bloods
Ain't nobody frontin ain't luvin nuttin
Never slippin, never lettin fools put in a say
If it wasn't for this crush I'd still be doin the kid'n'play
Left, right, kick dat bullshit cause I ain't with it
Kill it all fuck a bitch shit
Set it srtaight by the crate pushin weed by the weight
Pops out there ruling these niggas in '88
And made history bitch with dat Westcoast shit
Pops was rich but I ain't have shit
[Chorus: 2x]
The Consequences will make you have to peel a cap
Lay low and I'm always in my '64 strapped
Bump yo gums and gap and you gon' get a dirt nap
Lil E muthafucka I'm about to hurt rap
I said X steels crystal meth
All ya'll can get to death
Smokin 50's with Moses so what no fuckin beat
If I bang like Cinci riders in da '80's
I'm shady like slim I'm shady like dem
Dat bitch there that deos the snitch dat hold a grudge fuck em
He suck a dick and upchuck it up
I'll butt-fuck ya mother lil slut ass bitch
This steel shit gon' have you wigglin as if yo ass itch
And I'm a be dat muthafucka directin traffic
Homie I ain't even gon' fuck it if you can't have it
Nigga I ain't gon' have shit if boo-boo can't have shit
You know I'm lying nigga I ain't givin dat bitch shit
I'll crack a bitch up side da head this bitch inside you later
Nigga to believe you had somthin up yo sleeve
Now add all the greedy people beggin on dey knees
Good and waitin to see you outa town mass nigga please
[Chorus 2x]
Yeah dis ain't no fad bitch a get rich quick scheme
You seen these things trippin off infared beams
These fags left my fuckin pops rollin in his grave
And left his son rollin with his muthafuckin gauge
If ya look too wrong I'm a spray ya, maybe
Fuck (scratching) and they family baby
Shot em in his voicebox with a hot block
I popped them fuckin titties who's droppin em
Fuck da cities who's stoppin em
I'm just like this like click, click, click, pow
What now muthafucka what now
[Chorus 2x]